Plagron Promix 50L

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Plagron Promix 50L is now available in Alchimiaweb, a substrate for marijuana plants made from different quality peat moss that provide excellent oxygenation and lightness.

This soil only contains worm castings, without any other nutrient , helping to enhance the microbial life of the substrate while activating the assimilation of organic nutrients.

Thus, its EC value is low, what also enhances root development and lush growth of the plants.

Plagron Promix 50L features:

  • Mixture of different peat moss (peat, black peat, peat fibres) and worm humus
  • Soft structure, high water retention and excellent oxygenation
  • Low EC level, enhances root growth
  • No nutrients added, it only contains worm humus (enhances microbial life of the substrate and nutrient uptake)
  • 50L bag

Properties of Plagron Promix 50L

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