Worm humus - also called vermicompost or worm castings - provides cannabis plants with numerous nutrients and also improves soil texture. It provides humic and fulvic acids to the growing medium, as well as microbial life beneficial for the development of plants.

Even if used in excess (which we do not recommend), worm castings won't harm your plants.

Mix 10-30% of humus with the substrate.

UP TO 20%

ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 100% Organic

The ASTURHUMUS Worm Humus 100% Organic is a great, organic, completely odorless, neutral and non-toxic fertilizer obtained by transformation of composted horse and cow manure using the Californian red worm. If you mix ASTURHUMUS Humus 100% Organic [...]

  • 1 Kg3.00€ 2.40€
  • 2,5 Kg5.00€ 4.00€
  • 10 Kg14.00€ 11.90€
  • 20 Kg22.00€ 20.90€


Trabe present Humushemp, a 100% organic liquid worm compost concentrate whose primary function is as a natural root stimulator but whose use also leads to increased yields and many further benefits to the cannabis cultivator. Humushemp helps to grow [...]

  • 1 L8.50€ 8.05€

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