Coco coir

Coco coir is used as hydroponic growing medium for plants.

Its high water retention capacity and oxygen content improves the development of the root system. Its nutrient retention capacity is also high, so proper water drainage and flushing are required. It is important to monitor both the pH and EC values of the nutrient solution.

You will find here pressed coco bricks and pellets, coco bags and coco slabs.

Canna Coco Professional Plus - 50L

Alchimia Grow Shop presents 50L Canna Coco Professional Plus, a high quality organic cultivation substrate for growing marijuana. 50L Canna Coco Professional Plus, with coconut fibre from India It is a product totally free of harmful viruses and soil [...]

  • 20.25€

Canna Coco Natural - 50L

Alchimia Grow Shop presents 50L Canna Coco Natural, a very efficient organic substrate for marijuana cultivation in an indoor grow tent or outdoors. 50L Canna Coco Natural, with Indian coconut fibre It is a very high quality product with the guaran [...]

  • 19.90€

Top Coco

Alchimia presents Top Coco coconut fibre by Top Crop, a substrate that provides strong, healthy and vigorous root development for your plants. It is now available in our cultivation substrates catalogue, perfect for growing healthy plants. Top Crop [...]

  • 50 L15.50€

UGro Pot4 Rhiza

UGro Coco pots are designed to allow growers to cultivate directly in them. This allows you to optimize the cultivation area and provide space for more plants. Now available at These are flexible growing bags, each holding 500g coco [...]

  • 2.90€

UGro Coco Pure Air

Ugro presents Pure Air coconut substrate, consisting of uncompressed coconut powder, ensuring a well oxygenated substrate for an optimal development of the root system in cannabis plants. Now available online at Alchimia Grow Shop! This low-fibre co [...]

  • 50L (Out of stock)14.00€

UGro Coco Slab

UGro Slab is a flexible grow bag of high quality coco fibre, ideal for the indoor cultivation of cannabis plants and 100% organic, biodegradable & completely environmentally friendly. Each U-Gro Slab contains 1.6kg of dehydrated coconut fibre su [...]

  • 100 x 15 x 3 cm5.25€

UGro Coco XL Rhiza

UGro Coco XL Rhiza, tablet of 30X30X12 cm, is a 5kg block of pressed and dehydrated thin coconut peat. Mixed with about 18 liters of water, the block turn into 70 liters of highest quality coco substrate. Its exceptional water retention properties, [...]

  • tablets of 70L 30x30x12 cm 13.40€

UGro Pot 9 - Pressed Coco 9 litre

UGro Pot 9L is a flexible growing bag, containing a 900g compressed brick of dried coco fibre enriched with Trichoderma to increase nutrient uptake and resistance to pests and diseases. The tough, UV-resistant bag acts as the growing container, and [...]

  • 3.75€

Small Rhiza UGro. Pressed Cocopeat with mycorrhizae

UGro Small Rhiza pressed coco tablets or bricks are of high quality and totally natural, enriched with endomycorrhizae. The main features include, good air distribution, high cation exchange capacity and low conductivity. It is completely free of di [...]

  • 11 L2.45€

UGro Pure bag 50L

The UGro Pure 50L bag contains a substrate of coconut for marijuana growing, with a very low percentage of fibers. Tends to have a thicker structure because it has never been compressed. Its exceptional water retention properties, together with the [...]

  • 12.90€

Coco Mix Bio Bizz

Coco-Mix from Bio Bizz is a totally organic substrate that perfectly matches with rapid assimilation fertilisers. Its to say the organic mineral fertilisers. The Coconut fibers contain much f air and this allows the roots to grow faster. The Ph of t [...]

  • 50 L11.00€

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