U-Gro Coco Slab
U-Gro Coco Slab
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U-Gro Coco Slab

U-Gro Slab is a flexible grow bag of high quality coco fibre, ideal for the indoor cultivation of cannabis plants and 100% organic, biodegradable & completely environmentally friendly.

Each U-Gro Slab contains 1.6kg of dehydrated coconut fibre substrate, previously rinsed in fresh water, buffered, inoculated with beneficial natural trichoderma and enclosed in a tough and resistant bag specially treated for superb UV stability and increased durability.

The U-Gro Slab is light to transport and very easy to use, simply add 10 litres of water to expand the slab to 15 litres of perfect growing medium, formulated to offer lower water retention and greater air retention, leading to increased root respiration and better drainage. It's long life means it can be reused many times and makes it ideal for use in long-term or permanent crops.

U-Gro Slab info:

  • Compsition: 40% cocopeat, 30% fibre, 30% chips
  • pH: 5.5
  • EC (1:1,5): <0.6 mS/cm
  • Volume: 15 litres/4 gal

NOTE: Due to frequent changes by the manufacturer, packaging may vary from the image shown.

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100 x 15 x 3 cm-5%3.90€
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