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UGro Pot4 Rhiza

UGro Coco pots are designed to allow growers to cultivate directly in them. This allows you to optimize the cultivation area and provide space for more plants. Now available at

These are flexible growing bags, each holding 500g coco fibre enriched with5% endomycorrhizae. Thanks to a symbiotic association with the roots, endomycorrhizal fungi helps plants to develop a healthy root system, providing extra nutrients and moisture to the plants and enhancing the final cannabis harvest.

With 1.8 litres of water in the Ugro sac, it yields up to 4 litres of high quality coco fibre substrate enriched with endomycorrhizae. The pot has small holes in the bottom to allow drainage during irrigation.

The bags are suitable for all types of cultivation, indoors and outdoors. The plastic bag has been treated in order to maintain UV stability levels. 

UGro Pot4 Rhiza info:

  • Pot-Sack coconut Endomycorrhizae enriched
  • 4 litre bag of Coco Fibre
  • Use 1.8 L of water to hydrate the coco substrate


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