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In this section we offer several products to improve the texture of the growing medium.

Thus, they're also used to improve drainage, aeration, water retention, etc.

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Expanded perlite is a mineral product that has been subjected to an expansion process at 1200 °C. It is an inert, stable, neutral (pH 6.5 to 7), sterile, lightweight insulator. [...]

  • 3L 1.50€

Perlite Plagron

Alchimiaweb presents Plagron perlite, a substrate that improves aeration and water retention in growing media such as soil or [...]

  • 10 l 5.80€ 5.50€


Container of vermiculite, ie that has been artificially expanded mica using heat. Used mixed with soil, it provides extra oxygen and [...]

  • 3L 1.74€

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