pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit
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The pH Perfect Expert Grower nutrient kit is designed for growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level, and includes various products to give plants better growth and a greater capacity to produce higher yields of bigger, tastier and more resinous buds.

Sensi Grow A+B and Sensi Bloom A+B pH Perfect base nutrients

This fertiliser kit contains a 2-part base nutrient pH Perfect Sensi Grow A+B for the flowering phase and another, pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A+B for the flowering phase. These fertilisers contain a formula that stabilises the pH in the nutrient tank, which greatly facilitates its maintenance and avoids large fluctuations in pH.

Microbial life, vitamins, etc: Piranha, Vodoo Juice, B-52 and Bud Candy

Two products are included to improve the contribution of microbial life in the substrate: Piranha Liquid and Voodoo Juice, which ensures that the roots are well developed and the plants can feed better and faster. In addition, B-52 is included, which provides vitamin B, trace elements and humic acids that promote the growth and development of plants throughout the life cycle, ensuring that they are healthy and strong.

To enhance the flavour, Bud Candy provides an extra supply of carbohydrates that the plant uses to have more energy and create better flower clusters, also feeding the microbial life in the substrate.

Big Bud Bloom Stimulator

As a flowering stimulator we find Big Bud, an excellent product that fully meets the expectations of any grower. It is formulated for use in the first weeks of flowering to stimulate the early appearance of buds and enhance the final production.

Overdrive Bud Hardener

Overdrive has been created to help the crop to finish with large, dense flowers and full maturation. It contains correct PK levels for the last stage of the plant's life, hardening the buds, creating more resin and giving a more intense terpene profile.

Flawless Finish Substrate Cleaner

Flawless Finish is the ideal product for any grower who wants to have plants free of nutrients at the end of flowering, to acheive clean-tasting buds after harvest. It flushes the excess salts that remain in the substrate, preventing the plant from absorbing them and causing it to empty its nutrient reserves that lie in the leaves, ending up with flowers with a clean flavour and aroma.

With the pH Perfect Expert Grower Kit of nutrients, you can enjoy simple but very effective cultivation that also leaves a clean harvest with great flavour and effect. Now available at Alchimiaweb.

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit includes:

  • Sensi Grow A+B 1L
  • Sensi Bloom A+B 1L
  • Piranha 500ml
  • Voodoo Juice 500ml
  • Bud Candy 1L
  • Big Bud 1L
  • Flawless Finish 1L
  • Over Drive 250ml
  • Flawless Finish 1L

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