Microbial life

Microbial life in the soil is a key element to obtain abundant harvests of cannabis buds, especially if we practice organic farming.

Composed of bacteria and beneficial fungi, microbial life protects the root system of plants against harmful bacteria and pathogens - responsible for several diseases - while enhancing nutrient uptake by the roots.

Creating a true natural symbiosis with plants, microbial life breaks down organic molecules so plants can assimilate the nutrients contained in the soil.

It also stabilizes the pH value of the soil and breaks down organic matter like dead roots. For best results, microbial life should be added from the very early stages of the plant life (germination or rooting).

We can find 3 different types of microbial life useful for cannabis cultivation, which can be used together:

  • Mycorrhizae is a fungus family which highly improves the uptake capacity of the roots. The Glomus type is the most commonly used.
  • Trichoderma is a fungus from the Hypocreaceae family, efficient against several pathogens like the feared Fusarium. The Trichoderma Harzianum species is widely available on the market.
  • Different species and families of Bacteria are oftenly used by farmers to improve the performance of their crops. Some of them are capable of transforming the nitrogen in the air into an assimilable form for plants.
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Kindroots Soil Balance Pro

Kindroots Soil Balance Pro -

Soil Balance Pro by Kindroots is a probiotic supplement for the plants of your cannabis crop, in charge of boosting the quality of your harvest. Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. In nature, cannab [...]

  • 10g 29.90€ Product sold out

Hydroguard -

Hydroguard is a beneficial bacteria complex for use in our cannabis cultivation. This product greatly enhances the root system development keeping it active and vital. It is very important an optimal root care along all the plant cycle. Optimal root [...]

  • 960 ml 45.50€
Green House Feeding Enhancer

Green House Feeding Enhancer -

Green House Feeding Enhancer is a highly efficient root complex that contains humic and fulvic acids, seaweed extract and beneficial fungi, which provides an explosive growth of the root system . Now available in Alchimiaweb. PF Enhancer contains Tr [...]

  • 125 gr 24.50€
SimbioSoil Plus

SimbioSoil Plus -

SimbioSoil Plus is a soil amendment rich in microbial life and bacteria, incorporated in a composted olive pulp base, perfect to revive the most depleted soils, and making it really easy to recycle and re-use the soil from our cannabis grow. Now [...]

  • 1 Kg 9.50€
Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr

Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr -

Bactobloom 1 x 10 g is a water-soluble powder, consisting of beneficial bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root system of the plant, helping to create and enhance explosive flowering of cannabis plants, and moreover, it also helps [...]

  • 6.00€

Bactohemp -

Bactohemp from Agrobacterias is a 100% organic bacterial inoculant formulated to dramatically boost root development and plant growth. Containing seven groups of bacilli and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the roots of the cannabis plant, plus [...]

  • 10 gr 5.50€

Startrex -

Startrex contains a large quantity of benefitial soil bacteria that immediately work to improve the soil and ensure better uptake of organic fertilizers. Most potting soil is sterilised to kill weed seeds and germs.This also kills all the beneficial [...]

  • 1,5 kg 21.75€

Mycotrex -

Mycotrex is a mixture of endo-mycorrhizal spores, rhizosphere bacillus, seaweed meal and humic acids, which improves absorption of nutrients and water, increasing the rooting capacity of marijuana plants up to 700%. The growing media should not con [...]

  • 100 gr 35.00€

Bactrex -

The Bactrex is a mixture of 8 beneficial soil bacteria, mould of the genus Trichoderma and humic acid, to ensure protection against root pathogens, converting organic matter into humus and absorbing nitrogen from the air. Bacteria are unicellular or [...]

  • 50 gr 26.00€
Aptus Mycor Mix

Aptus Mycor Mix -

Mycor Mix is a 100% organic mixture of different species of endomycorrhiza. The mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that act in symbiosis with the roots of marijuana plants . They act by attaching themselves to the root system by means of hyphae, funga [...]

  • 100 gr 29.00€
Soluble bacteria

Soluble bacteria -

Terralba's Soluble Bacteria are perfect to enhance the microbial life in the substrate, activating the composting process and facilitating its transformation into humus.This product is made in France by Marcel Mézy under the name of Bact&eacut [...]

  • 100g 5.90€
  • 250g 7.90€
Guano Diffusion Alguamycor 1 Kg

Guano Diffusion Alguamycor 1 Kg -

Alchimia presents Guano Diffusion's root stimulator Alguamycor, a 100% organic product made from a mixture of brown seaweed meal and endomycorrhizal fungi spores. On the one hand, the seaweed supplies polysaccharides and amino acids, ensuring a prop [...]

  • 25.50€
No Mercy Supply Bacterial

No Mercy Supply Bacterial -

No Mercy Supply Bacterial is a biological freeze-dried culture of beneficial micro organisms with a fast and reliable action designed to stimulate growth and create an optimum balanced environment in your growing medium throughout the life cycle of y [...]

  • 50 ml 15.00€
TRABE MycoPlant

TRABE MycoPlant -

Mycohemp from TRABE is an advanced product made of mycorrhizae. With its 200 infection units per ml, it is at the forefront of products based on mycorrhiza, thus ensuring a high rate of success regarding the mycorrhization of the plant.Mycorrhiza (mo [...]

  • 20 gr 16.50€
  • 5 gr 5.60€
T.A. Trikologic (Ghe Bioponic Mix®) - Trichoderma Harzianum

T.A. Trikologic (Ghe Bioponic Mix®) - Trichoderma Harzianum -

Trichoderma Harzianum is a fungus which promotes the natural growth by colonizing the roots of the plants, increasing the nutrient and water absorption capacity and protecting the roots against diseases. This fungus creates a protective shield aroun [...]

  • 10 gr 7.50€

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