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Bactohemp from Agrobacterias is a 100% organic bacterial inoculant formulated to dramatically boost root development and plant growth.

Containing seven groups of bacilli and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the roots of the cannabis plant, plus Acophyllum Nodosum seaweed extract, Bactohemp is a water-soluble, single-application product that will benefit cannabis cultivators in many ways:

  • Increased root development, more secondary roots and drought resistance
  • Increased yields, bigger plants
  • Increased beneficial microbial life in the rhizosphere
  • More efficient use of water and nutrients
  • Protection against fungal root pathogens like Fusarium, Phytophtora, Alternaria.
  • Improved success rate of transplants, cuttings and germination.
  • Atmospheric nitrogen-fixing bacteria stimulate plant growth
  • Stronger flowering due to non-soluble phosphorous and potassium being made available
  • Continuous production of natural plant hormones like cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins which boost growth and flowering
  • Improved soil structure and nutrient assimilation
  • Produces metabolic actives that reduce metabolic stress caused by adverse environmental conditions and harmful organisms

Certified for use in organic agriculture, Bactohemp is compatible with all widely-used nutrient lines and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, it can also be used to improve aeroponic crops, and because the product is effective for the whole life cycle of the plant, only one application is needed - although a repeat application after three months in outdoor crops will give improved effectiveness.

Note: Bactohemp is a live microbial product, therefore it is not recommended to combine with products with fungicidal or bactericidal action as they could be harmful to the beneficial microbial strains included.

Bactohemp ingredients:

  • Glomus sp. (400 propagules per g),
  • Bacillus sp.
  • Paenibacillus sp.
  • Saccharomyces sp.
  • Seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum): 7%
  • Inert carriers: 84% mixture of clays, zeolites, and polysaccharides.
  • pH in water (81:5): 6
  • Dry matter: 97%
  • Relative density (H2O=1): 0.7kg per litre
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