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The Bactrex is a mixture of 8 beneficial soil bacteria, mould of the genus Trichoderma and humic acid, to ensure protection against root pathogens, converting organic matter into humus and absorbing nitrogen from the air.

Bacteria are unicellular organisms that depend on carbon derived from other systems for their survival. A group of bacteria have specialized to obtain carbon - energy - from the fine roots of plants (dead root cells, residual organic materials, etc.).

Bacteria to grow Marijuana

These rhizobacteria or radicular bacteria improve the assimilation of minerals such as phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and calcium (Ca). They capture nitrogen (N) from the air, and promote the development and symbiosis of mycorrhizae with plant roots.

In addition to these beneficial bacteria, Bactrex also contains different strains of Trichoderma, a family of fungi which has the characteristic to grow at the expense and detriment of other fungi, including some pathogens responsible for several diseases.

For this reason, Trichoderma should always be added in the substrate from the beginning of culture, so it can remove these fungi before they can cause disease. Scientific research has shown that mixing Trichoderma and mycorrhizae effectively combines the advantages of both .

Bactrex is a dry, water-soluble powder containing a high number of beneficial bacteria for the roots (including 6 stains of Bacillus spp.), Fungi (Trichoderma), and actinomycetes. These ingredients have been carefully selected for their favourable effect on the structure and fertility of the substrate.

Rhizobacteria are "packaged" in a soluble Yucca extract and organic catalysts to ensure rapid and vigorous colonization of roots.

Use of Biotabs Bactrex:

Bactrex can be used to protect recently rooted cuttings or recently germinated seeds against several pathogens, including Pythium .

Use one teaspoon per liter of water, this amount can be used to treat up to 50 cuttings or seedlings.

Bactrex can be used in soil or cocos, for plants in pots or planted in the ground, both indoors and outdoors.

Properties of Bactrex

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