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Orgatrex from Biotabs is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer that can be used during both the growing and during the flowering cycles of marijuana plants.

Containing a high content of trace elements and sugars, Orgatrex works harmoniously with beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae, such as Mycotrex and Bactrex.

Orgatrex - Biotabs composition:

Orgatrex contains alfalfa meal, a mixture of molasses, Kali vinasse (a product rich in potassium and sulfur, which is obtained during the refining of sugar), silicon oxide, and rock dust, rich in trace elements assimilable by plants.

N-P-K = 5-1-5. It also contains balanced amounts of zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, sulfur, silicon and iron.

All these ingredients are approved and strictly controlled by the British Soil Association. It contains no animal ingredients, so this organic fertilizer can be used in vegan cannabis cultivation .

Use of Orgatrex:

Use 1.5 ml for each liter of water in irrigation throughout the plant life (growth and flowering) until we start flushing the roots before harvest.

Orgatrex liquid fertilizer can be used in all types of flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and shrubs, growing in soil or coco, in potted or in-ground plants, indoors or outdoors.

Shake vigorously before each use. Store in a cool and dry place once opened. The nutrient solution containing Orgatrex may be stored for 48 hours.

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