KELP Ascophyllum Nodosum

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Kelp is a very efficient natural nutrient which has been used in farming for thousands of years. It is a large, brown algae. It comes from the cold Escandinavian coast and is collected, washed with water, dried and powdered.

Terralba uses the Ascophyllum Nodosum species, nutrient-rich and ideal for cannabis farming. Now available in Alchimia, Terralba's Kelp contains more than 70 minerals and oligo elements, phyto hormones, vitamins, enzymes, proteins and other molecules like alginic acid and fucoidan.

Kelp greatly improves the development of plants, boosting the production of flowers and fruits and enhancing the plant resistance to pests, diseases and cold temperatures. It contains mannitol - a sugar that facilitates mineral uptake - and laminarin, a molecule that stimulates the natural defences of plants and the production of resin glands.

It also contains large amounts of plant hotmones: auxins, giberelins and especially cytokinins, which promote the growth and division of plant cells, the development of chloroplasts and thus enhance the photosynthesys process.

In short, Terralba's Kelp can be used to boost the germination of seeds and the rooting of clones, improving nutrient uptake and stimulating the immune system of plants. You'll get better yields and harvests, and it's completely organic.

Terralba's Kelp features:

  • Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed. Natural and organic (NFU 42-001). Suitable for organic farming according to rule CE 834/2007
  • Origin: Norway
  • NPK content: 1,3 - 0,1 - 3
  • Dosage: 100gr per 10L soil. Trees and bushes: 250gr at the foot. Flowers and vegetables: 100gr/m2. Tea: 15gr/10L.

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