Zeolite (Chabazite)

Zeolite (Chabazite)
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Terralba's Zeolite is a powder made from volcanic rocks which is used to fertilize the soil for a long time. The name comes from the greek "zeo" and "lithos", which mean "boiling rock".

This type of Zeolite (Chabazite) is made of silicates and aluminates and has very high porosity, acting like a sieve at molecular level. A single gram of zeolite can offer more than 800m2 contact surface!

Now available in Alchimiaweb, this highly porous mineral enhances the CEC (cation exchange capacity) of the soil, improving calcium, magnesium and potasium uptake.

It also acts as natural water reserve for the roots, absorbing up to 35% their weight in water. Zeolite ia also used to clean the soil from toxins, retaining heavy metals like mercury.

Terralba's Zeolite (Chabazite) features:

  • 100% volcanic rock (NFU 44-551)
  • Origin: Italy
  • Particle size: 0,7 / 2mm
  • Suitable for organic farming according to rule CEE 2092/91
  • Dosage: 200gr for 10L substrate. 600gr/m2 when planting in the ground, 200gr/m2 each year

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