Volcanic Basalt

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Terralba's volcanic basalt is a powder from volcanic rocks used to restore and revitalize poor soils. Already available in Alchimiaweb, basalt powder is rich in Silicon (42% approx.), a mineral that reinforces the plant tissues and enhances its defences against pests and diseases.

This basalt powder also contains 9% Magnesium, an essential element for chlorophyll production. It restores soils while participating in the formation of the clay-humic complex. It improves water retention in sandy soil.

It also stimulates the microbial life of the substrate and balances its polarity after rains or droughts. The basalt powder can be mixed with the soil (40gr per 1kg soil) or left at the bottom of the pot/planting hole so that the deepest roots take nutrients from it.

Is can also be used as natural barrier against slugs by leaving a 3cm layer surrounding your plants.

Terralba's Volcanic Basalt features:

  • Volcanic rock (rule NF EN 13139). Certified for organic farming (rule AB CEE 2092/91).
  • Grain size: 0,1 / 2mm
  • Origin: France
  • Dosage: 40gr per 1kg soil indoors, 600gr/m2 outdoors (200gr/m2 every year)

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