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Blackstrap molasses

Terralba's Blackstrap Molasses is now available in Alchimiaweb. These molasses come from the refining process of sugar in the form of a thick black fluid.

By adding it regularly to your nutrient solution, your plants will get all the necessary sugars for the proper development of beneficial fungi (trichoderma) and bacteria in the substrate.

Molasses directly feed the microbial life of the substrate, whose activity is highly stimulated by carbohydrates. They are rich in minerals (2.8% potassium), vitamins and oligo elements. Molasses can be used at any stage of the plant, although they shouldn't be used on each irrigation.

Normally, Blackstrap Molasses is used after transplants or simply to boost the microbial life of the growing media. Certified for organic farming according to rule CE 834/2007.

Terralba's molasses are easily dosed and dissoled in water.

Blackstrap Molasses from Terralba features:

  • Made from unrefined sugar cane (rule FR BIO-01)
  • Contains: 0.6% nitrogen, 2.8% potassium, 24% glucose, 23% sucrose, 6% proteins
  • For organic farming, rule CE 834/2007
  • pH = 5
  • Density = 1,39
  • Includes 60ml dosing cup
  • 1-4ml/l
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