Pack Bloom Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) Terralba

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Terralba offers you this pack of organic products designed to prepare actively aerated compost tea (AACT) using it together with the tea compost kit 11L. You can create your own organic fertilisers to enhance the bloom period, with this pack you can prepare at home easily 100 litres of compost tea. This product is now available Alchimiaweb.

This kit brings together all necessary elements to prepare your compost tea for your plants bloom period, ensuring a complete nutrition by promoting soil microbial life.

AACTT, the organic solution to control nutrition

Actively aerated compost tea is a fermented liquid extracted from compost with oxygen presence. Thanks to this technique it is possible to quickly extract all nutrients, being necessary to wait between 24 and 48 hours to recover the compost tea.

AACT provides essential nutrients for the plant growth at bloom period, and promoting soil micro-organism life to enhance a vigorous development.

Compost tea enhances plant resistance and improves nutrient absorption by providing quality nutrition, offering great results.

Dosage Aerated Compost Tea:

Molasses watering: 1 time a week, Epsom salt 2,5g per L, Blackstrap molasses 4ml per L

Bloom compost tea preparation: 1 time a week, Vermicompost 25g, Blackstrap molasses 1ml per L, Spiruline 0.5g per L, Mealworm (organic flour) guano 1g per L, Alfalfa 2.5g per L, Comfrey 2.5g per L

The bloom AACT pack includes:

  • Vermicompost: 2kg
  • Blackstrap molasses: 100ml
  • Mealworm guano (from organic flour): 100g
  • Spirulina: 50g
  • Comfrey: 250g
  • Alfalfa: 250g

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