Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil

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  • Protect the planet is glad to present Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil, a natural products mixture developed specifically to enrich soil substrate or vegetable gardens, providing a large quantity of nutrients, trace elements and microbial life.

Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil, a mixture of nutrients and bacteria

Its formula contains charcoal, dolomite, bone meal, azomite, a variety of herbs, kelp, rock flour, diatoms, yeast, sugar, humic and fulvic acids, as well as a test tube full of specific microorganisms to stimulate soil microbial life.

By combining this natural products blend with the soil, a great amount and varied nutrients are provided which the plant can dispose of according to its requirements without any risk of causing nutritional excesses or imbalances.

The bacteria and micro-organisms included, benefit from these nutrients, proliferating and thus keeping the harmful pathogenic bacteria and fungi away. At the same time they stimulate the plants' roots in order to maximise performance, both in our indoor grow tent and in outdoor cultivation.

Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil, stimulates plant development

Pot use: mix 700g of Earth Vibes Superosoil with 50L of substrate, adding 10-20% humus to complement the nutrient mixture. A hole is prepared in which the plant will be transplanted or sown, and the bacteria contained in the test tube are spread, forming a thin layer. The root ball or seeds are placed and watered well.

Use in the garden: mix 2100g of the product per m2 of soil. Add worm humus or compost, mixing everything well until obtaining a uniform mixture. The bacteria contained in the test tube is placed in the planting or sowing hole.

In both cases it is sufficient to irrigate only with water, since the plants have the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and vigorous, offering an abundant harvest in a natural way. This product is approved for use in organic farming.

Lurpe Earth Vibes Supersoil info:

  • Mixture of organic products and bacteria
  • Enriches the substrate and stimulates the soil's microbial life
  • Promotes rapid and healthy organic growth
  • Use 700g of product for 50L of substrate
  • Composition: charcoal, dolomite, bone meal, azomite, various herbs, kelp, rock meal, diatomaceous earth, yeast, sugar, humic and fulvic acids and micro-organisms
  • Available in 700g and 3.5kg
  • Suitable for organic farming

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