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SuperMix from Plagron is a mixture of organic fertilisers designed to enrich all types of soil in an efficient and durable way.

It promotes an explosive growth and flowering thanks to its very complete and balanced composition. Marijuana plants enjoys being grown in a lot of rich and fertile soil!!!

This product is, therefore, very interesting for crops directly in ground, where it's used from the beginning of soil preparation.

The Super Bio Mix also allows to reduce the contributions of liquid fertilisers.

Super Mix from Plagron is composed of:

  • Beneficial bacteria and fungi, which will colonize the substrate, decomposing organic nutrients to make them absorbable for the plants, and create a natural symbiosis with the roots, protecting them from many diseases and mildew.
  • Minerals, trace elements and vitamins, which enriches the soil enrich, and stimulate and nourish the plants.
  • Bactosol a natural fertiliser on fungal and mycelium base
  • Flour of bird residues, a slow diffusion fertiliser rich in nitrogen.
  • Calcified red algae called "Maërl" very rich in calcium, magnesium and trace elements. This fertiliser will be very useful to improve and stabilize the pH of the soil, and improve so, the nutrient assimilation.
  • Basalte flour, a powder rich in silica, which improves the structure of clay soils, and strengthens the resistance of plants to pests and diseases.
  • Bentonite, a form of natural clay capable of retaining many times their weight in water, ensuring thereby a small reserve for the plants.
  • Seaweed flour, an excellent source of minerals, vitamins, Amino acids, natural plant hormones.
  • Lava flour, composed of solidified magma, which provides many minerals and helps stabilize soil pH.
  • Bat guano, this fertiliser well-known by the marijuana growers is an excellent source of natural phosphorus which also has several inciters that stimulate the natural defenses of the plant and thus its resin production and aromatic molecules.
  • Worm manure, an excellent natural and very complete well balanced fertiliser.


  • For a cultivation in plant pots use from 2 to 5% of Super Mix,that means from 2L to 5L for 100 L of ground. Mix very well.
  • For cultivation directly on ground, use 10L of Bio Super Mix for an area of more less 100 m2. Mix as possible.

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