Lurpe Natural Solutions Azomite volcanic ashes

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  • Protect the planet presents Lure Natural Solutions Volcanic Ash, a natural mineral flour that enriches the soil for marijuana or your compost tea formula.

Lurpe Volcanic Ash, with 70 different minerals

This ash is 100% Azomite powder. Silicon originating from marine volcanic eruptions obtained from a deposit in Utah in the US.

This ash powder contains over 70 different minerals including potassium oxide, calcium, magnesium, chlorine and sodium.

Its fine particle size makes it work well both mixed directly in the substrate and diluted in water, so it can be used as a slow-release fertiliser in irrigation or via foliar in both outdoor and in an indoor grow tent.

Lurpe Volcanic Ash, suitable for Super Soil and to make tea

It provides nutritional enrichment, stimulates the substrate's micro life, enhances the plants root development and protects them against attack by pests and diseases by increasing their resistance.

For use in a Super Soil mixture in pots it should be mixed with 0.5g-2.0 g/l substrate. If it is used on a large scale, such as in an orchard, between 75-200g per m2 of land should be supplied.

If used to produce compost tea, 1-2g/l of water is placed in the net bag and left to stand with the rest of the ingredients until it is ready.

Lurpe Natural Solutions Azomite Volcanic Ash info:

  • Natural underwater volcanic ash from Utah
  • 100% Azomite
  • Contains more than 70 minerals
  • K2O potassium oxide: 0.2%
  • Ca Calcium: 1.8%
  • Mg Magnesium: 0.5%
  • Chlorine: 0.1%
  • Na Sodium: 0.1%
  • Compatible with both Super Soil and Compost Tea
  • Pot dose: 0.5-2g/l
  • Orchard dose: 75-200g/m2
  • Tea dose: 1-2g/l

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Opinions about Lurpe Natural Solutions Azomite volcanic ashes and questions


aspirin 01-11-2020 will you have the green sunrise or healthy harvest compost tea ingredients in the future? thanks


Alchimia Grow Shop 04-11-2020 Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes, we'll have them in stock very soon, as well as the full Lurpe range. Should be some time over the next 2 weeks or so, watch this space. Best wishes and happy growing!

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