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Choosing the correct size of pot is crucial for a successful harvest. The height and overall development of the plant mainly depends on the size of the plant pot, especially when using soil.

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, and no matter what type of plant, you will find here all kinds of fabric and plastic pots. both indoor and outdoor setups. White plastic containers are mainly used by outdoor growers during the hottest months of the year to keep the root system of the plants a bit cooler, while fabric pots are used both indoors and outdoors with excellent results.

You'll also find saucers for round and square pots and seedling trays.

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Automatic Plant Pot 18/20L

From 2.35€ 3.40€

UP TO 30%
Smart Pot Fabric Container

From 3.35€ 4.80€

UP TO 20%
Alchipot Textile Pot Small

From 1.05€ 1.25€

UP TO 30%
Square Pot Saucers up to 7L

From 0.28€ 0.40€

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Transparent Pot for Orchids

From 1.10€ 1.50€

Handles for containers (2 units)
UP TO 30%
Square Pot Saucers up to 7L

From 0.28€ 0.40€

UP TO 30%
Germination pot (0.23L-0.52L-1L)

From 0.04€ 0.06€


Automatic Plant Pot 18/20L

Deep, square, black flowerpot, made of durable plastic with an 18L capacity. This pot is different from the rest in the way its volume is distributed, making it taller but narrower. This difference in shape, achieves a better development of our aut [...]

  • Black3.40€ 2.35€
  • Blanca3.60€ 2.50€
UP TO 30%

Germination pot (0.23L-0.52L-1L)

This is a pot for the first two or three days of vegetative growth, suitable for sticking a label to help you distinguish your young seedlings or cuttings. It measures 9 x 9 x 8 cm and has a capacity of 52 cl. Is made of rigid plastic. The recomme [...]

  • 0.23L gray0.06€ 0.04€
  • 0.52L black0.20€
  • 1L black0.25€ 0.20€
UP TO 30%

Square black plant pot ((1.4L-3.25L)

Square black pot available in different sizes, from 1.40L to 3.25L. It is ideal for the early growth stages or for use in SOG cultivation (See of green), as it accommodates many pots per square metre. It has an excellent drainage system, as well as [...]

  • 1.4 L0.40€ 0.36€
  • 1.65 L0.50€
  • 2 L0.55€ 0.39€
  • 2.5 L0.60€ 0.51€
  • 3.25 L0.70€ 0.49€

Anti Spiral square black plant pot 2.6L-3.4L-5.8L

Alchimia presents here the 3.4L Anti-Spiral plant pots, designed to prevent the spiral growth of roots while promoting their development. These pots are made of black plastic. The side slits make the roots to change their growth pattern and thus avo [...]

  • 2.6L0.70€ 0.63€
  • 3.4L0.80€ 0.72€
  • 5.8L1.30€ 1.15€

Medium square black pot (5L-7L-11L)

11 L square black pot. It is a highly resistant pot that can be used both for growing indoors to keep parent plants or flowering of sativa varieties, and outdoors, during the first phase of growth or full cycle for autoflowering varieties. It measur [...]

  • 5L1.20€
  • 7L1.35€
  • 11L2.15€ 1.70€

Round black plant pot - 35 cm - 25L

25 litre round black pot. It is a container for final transplant when growing outdoor plants if they are not too large. The average yield will be 150/200 grams per plant. Its dimensions are 35 cm in diameter x 28 cm in height and it has a capacity o [...]

  • 2.50€ 2.25€

Small Square White Pot

This white pot is ideal for outdoor cannabis cultivation and adapts perfectly to indoor growing. They are perfect for SOG (Sea of Green) cultivation as they are suitable for small sized plants. Individually they are also good for One-bud cultivation [...]

  • 3.25L0.80€ 0.56€
  • 5 L1.50€ 1.05€

Medium square white pot

7L White Pot This pot is ideal for the cultivation of plants during the first growing stages and for SOG (See of Green) indoors cultivation since we can place up to 25 pots per m2. It presents an excellent drainage system, manufactured with a high- [...]

  • 7L1.45€ 1.00€
  • 11L2.15€ 1.50€
UP TO 30%

Round white plant pot - 10L-17L-27L

Round white pot made of tough rigid plastic. Its colour makes it ideal for outdoor cultivation where the white surface reflects the sun's rays and helps prevent soil temperatures from being too high. The corresponding saucers for these pots are the [...]

  • 10L2.20€ 1.50€
  • 17L3.50€ 2.45€
  • 27L4.75€ 3.80€

Round White Pot with handles

It is the perfect pot for cultivation on terraces and balconies as it is ideal for growing plants of a medium/high size. The 40L pot yields about 250-300g per plant. The 50L pot yields about 300-350g per plant. When using these pots for terrace or [...]

  • 40L6.00€ 5.10€
  • 50L8.00€ 6.80€
UP TO 5%

Black round container with handles (42L-110L)

Alchimiaweb presents the round black pots with handles with a volume between 42L and 110L. They are designed to grow large plants. These pots allow the plant to develop as if it were cultivated in open ground, as they have plenty of substrate, enoug [...]

  • 42 L5.95€ 5.75€
  • 65 L7.95€ 7.55€
  • 90 L12.50€ 11.85€
  • 110 L (Out of stock)14.00€ 13.30€
UP TO 20%

Alchipot Textile Pot Small

Alchipot presents its textile growing pot, ideal for growing cannabis plants both indoors and outdoors. It is a perfect pot that optimises the root system when compared to conventional plastic pots. Alchipot pots are designed with a special porous f [...]

  • 4 L1.25€
  • 7L1.55€ 1.20€
  • 1.5 L1.25€ 1.05€
UP TO 20%

Big Alchipot fabric container with handles (15L-30L)

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb, the 15L-20L-30L Alchipot fabric containers are flexible pots with handles made of felt, square and with strong and durable seams. These pots have been designed in a square shape, and the composition of the fabri [...]

  • 15L1.95€ 1.55€
  • 20L2.55€ 2.00€
  • 30 L3.00€ 2.55€
UP TO 30%

Smart Pot Fabric Container

The Smart Pot is a pot made of a special high quality flexible geotextile fabric, which makes for an ideal cannabis growth container. Among its benefits, we find that it liberates heat in an effective and natural way, creating an environment with p [...]

  • 3.8 L (Out of stock)4.80€ 3.35€
  • 7.6 L (Out of stock)5.35€ 4.80€
  • 11.6 L6.65€ 5.95€
  • 26 L9.40€ 8.45€
  • 41 L12.00€ 10.80€
  • 60 L15.00€ 13.50€
  • 114 L (Out of stock)20.00€ 18.00€

Rustic planter 12L with saucer

Rustic planter 12L with saucer. It measures 52x20x18cm. Made of resistant plastic and quality finished. Excellent planter for ornamental and aromatic cultivation plants on balconies and terraces. [...]

  • Terracota colour7.70€ 7.30€
  • Gray color7.70€ 7.30€
  • Green Color7.70€

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