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Smart Pot Beige

Alchimia introduces beige-colored Smart Pot geotextile pots. Particularly popular and highly appreciated by outdoor cannabis growers not only because they are visually more discreet but also because they heat up less than black pots in sunlight, keep [...]

  • 19L (Product sold out)8.00€
  • 40L (Product sold out)12.00€
  • 75L (Product sold out)17.00€

Handles for containers (2 units)

Adaptable handles for pots and containers with folded lid, allowing you to move or manipulate them much more comfortably, now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. These black plastic handles are designed to be simple to install, and once placed they wil [...]

  • 35-65L2.15€

Smart Pot Fabric Container

The Smart Pot is a pot made of a special high quality flexible geotextile fabric, which makes for an ideal cannabis growth container. Among its benefits, we find that it liberates heat in an effective and natural way, creating an environment with p [...]

  • 3.8 L4.80€
  • 7.6 L5.35€
  • 11.6 L6.65€
  • 26 L9.40€
  • 41 L12.00€
  • 60 L15.00€
  • 114 L20.00€

Square black plant pot 8cmx8cmx7cm - 0.23L

This 0.23L square black pot is ideal for use in the first days after germination or for the first planting of newly rooted cuttings. It has a size of 8cmx 8cm x 7cm and a 0.23L capacity, and is made of good quality flexible plastic. It is a po [...]

  • 0.06€

White square plant pot - 5L

These white 5L pots are perfect for outdoor cannabis cultivation, also they adapt very well in indoor gardening. You can find this product now in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. 18cm x 18cm x 23cm pots perfect for cultivation using the SOG [...]

  • 1.50€

Smart Pot Transplanter

Smart Pot presents its Transplanter model, specially designed to make transplanting to a bigger pot really easy and convenient, thanks to its lateral opening. Now available online at Alchimia! Geotextile pots are gaining popularity for their ease of [...]

  • 7.6L4.90€

Alchipot 1.5L fabric pot

Alchipots are fabric pots for both outdoor and indoor cannabis growing. These fabric containers are perfect to improve root development, being more efficient and practical. They are made of highly porous material which allows more oxygen in the roo [...]

  • 1.90€

20L Alchipot fabric container with handles

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb, the 20L Alchipot fabric containers are flexible pots with handles made of felt, square and with strong and durable seams. These pots have been designed in a square shape, and the composition of the fabric used t [...]

  • 5.95€

15L Alchipot fabric pot with handles

Now you can get the 15L Alchipot fabric pots with handles, with square design and made of felt, firmly stitched. These square pots prune the roots by the action of the air, stimulating their growth. In addition, they also facilitate a greater dra [...]

  • 5.35€

30L Alchipot fabric pot with handles

The 30L Alchipot fabric container is now available for you, a flexible pot with handles made of felt with strong and resistant seams. These fabric pots are square and allow natural pruning of the roots by the action of air, ensuring a healthier and [...]

  • 6.50€

Alchipot - Textile pot

The Alchipot planting pot is a fabric container ideal for the cultivation of marijuana plants, both indoors and outdoors. These pots are perfect for improving the root system when compared to conventional plastic pots. Alchipots are designed with a [...]

  • 4 L3.80€
  • 7L4.30€

Square black plant pot - 9 x 9 x 8 cm - 0.52 L

This is a pot for the first two or three days of vegetative growth, suitable for sticking a label to help you distinguish your young seedlings or cuttings. It measures 9 x 9 x 8 cm and has a capacity of 52 cl. Is made of rigid plastic. The recomme [...]

  • 0.20€

Round Pot - 0.20L, 9cm

Round Pot with black interior, 9cm diameter and 0.20L capacity, perfect as first pot for young marijuana plants before transplanting them to larger containers. Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop. [...]

  • 0.15€

Square black plant pot - 11 x 11 x 11 - 1 L

This is a pot for the first three or four days of vegetative growth, suitable for sticking a label to help you distinguish your young seedlings or cuttings. It measures 11 x 11 x 12 cm and has a capacity of 1 litre. It is made of rigid plastic. Th [...]

  • 0.25€

Black round plastic pot 1.3L / 14cm diam

. Black Round Pot made of thin plastic with a 1.3 L capacity. This small flexible plastic container is ideal for the early stages of the plant's development, ensuring good root development. Measuring 14 cm in diameter and 12.5cm high it will be co [...]

  • 0.35€

Square black plant pot - 10 x 10 x 17 cm - 1.4 L

It is a perfect pot in which to keep small parent plants or for the growth phase in small growing areas, as it has a good soil capacity and takes up little space in width. It measures 10 x 10 x 17 cm and has a capacity 140 cl. Is made of rigid plas [...]

  • 0.40€

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