Smart Pot Fabric Container

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The Smart Pot is a pot made of a special high quality flexible geotextile fabric, which makes for an ideal cannabis growth container.

Among its benefits, we find that it liberates heat in an effective and natural way, creating an environment with perfect conditions for the growth and maintenance of a truly spectacular root system.

The Smart Pot aerates the root structure from top to bottom, making effective air pruning of roots, which promotes a large and dense root mass that will grow laterally instead of forming circles around the edge of the container.

Great for indoor cultivation, where the breathable fabric helps to create a healthy, vibrant rootzone free from pests and diseases, Smart Pots have been tried and tested in many varied environments by growers of all types.

It's use in outdoor cannabis growing is also recommended, being especially good at keeping the roots cool and fresh, and better at avoiding shocks than other types of pots. Large-scale outdoor growers in the USA frequently employ Smart Pots of 200 gallons (800 litres) or more in their gardens with spectacular results.

The fabric pots are durable, lightweight and very easy to store and handle, they can be cleaned in the washing machine and they will be ready for another use.

Reusable and completely suitable for organic gardening, Smart Pots leave no toxic residues in the soil.

Choose the appropriate size of Smart Pot for your garden and get ready to see the results!

Capabilities and Smart Pot Measures:

  • 3.8 litres: 18x15 cm (diameter x height)
  • 7.6 litres: 21.5x18 cm
  • 11.6 litres: 25x19 cm
  • 26 litres: 35.5x24 cm
  • 41 litres: 40.5x29 cm
  • 60 litres: 45.5x24 cm
  • 114 litres: 61x39 cm

* These measurements are approximate

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