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Mycohemp from TRABE is an advanced product made of mycorrhizae. With its 200 infection units per ml, it is at the forefront of products based on mycorrhiza, thus ensuring a high rate of success regarding the mycorrhization of the plant.

Mycorrhiza (mould-root) is a frequent symbiotic association between organisms. Technology today allows the stimulation of this natural process in a practical application: mycohemp.

Mycohemp is composed of endo mycorrhizae of the genus Glomus sp inoculated in clay pebbles.

Advantages of Mycohemp:

  • Direct effect on the plant development. Inoculation with Mycohemp produces more powerful root systems, a stronger plant with significant increase of the biomass. It is suitable for all cannabis strains, recommended for crop cycles in soil.
  • It improves nutrient assimilaton, increasing their availability and the absorbing surface of the roots.
  • It increases tolerance to salinity or water stress. It is ideal in cases in which, due to the poor quality of the irrigation water, it is advisable to use this technology.
  • Higher photosynthetic rate in increasing the surface area of solar collection and chlorophyll production.
  • A greater yield is guaranteed.
  • Mycohemp extends the life of selected mothers, stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • Mycorrhizae in Mycohemp allow more efficient vegetable production systems of higher quality.

Properties of TRABE MycoPlant

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