Agrobacteria is now available here at Alchimiaweb, where you can discover their range of organic products specially designed for your cannabis plants.

This 100% natural product line is composed of fungicides like Amanitha to fight against Powdery Mildew and Botrytis, and also organic stimulators such as Muskaria which helps plants to recover from stress.

Agrobacteria also offer beneficial bacteria for the cultivation of cannabis in the form of BactoHemp and BactoBloom, providing the necessary elements for both a healthy growth and an exuberant harvest.

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Oídio Killer

Now in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, Oídio Killer by Agrobacterias, an organic fungicide formulated to prevent and combat our [...]

  • 60ml 16.00€ 12.80€

Spider Plant

Alchimia presents Spider Plant from Agrobacterias, a product for foliar application [...]

  • 15 ml 6.00€ 4.80€


Bactohemp from Agrobacterias is a 100% organic bacterial inoculant formulated to dramatically boost root development and plant growth [...]

  • 10 gr 5.50€ 4.40€

Amanitha by Agrobacterias

Alchimia invites you to discover Amanitha from Agrobacterias, an organic foliar fungicide effective in the fight against [...]

  • 4.13€ 3.70€

Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr

Bactobloom 1 x 10 g is a water-soluble powder, consisting of beneficial bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root system of the plant, helping to [...]

  • 6.00€ 4.80€

Muskaria by Agrobacterias

Muskaria is a bio-stimulator developed by Agrobacterias to help our cannabis plants recover from stress provoked by the attacks o [...]

  • 60ml 6.00€ 4.80€

Total Explosion by Agrobacterias

Alchimia presents Total Explosion from Agrobacterias, a complex of free amino acids for foliar application to clean leaves of the sticky, sugary d [...]

  • 60 ml (Out of stock) 4.00€ 3.20€

Snake Poison

Agrobacterias present Snake Poison, a concentrated foliar formulation of organic acids designed to fight larvae and caterpillars, [...]

  • 15 ml 3.15€ 2.50€

Bactomatik by Agrobacterias

Bactomatix from Agrobacterias is a mixture of bacteria specially designed for the cultivation of auto-flowering cannabis plants, now available onl [...]

  • 10gr 4.95€ 3.95€
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