Goddess Lada

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Goddess Lada is a liquid microbial fertilizer formulated to obtain healthy plants with a strong immune system, as well as abundant flower production. It has been created to be used in all types of growing systems, maximizing the absorption and solubility of nutrients.

Goddess Lada contains a large amount of microbial life that settles on the root system, colonizing it and facilitating the absorption of nutrients by the plants during the flowering phase. It also stimulates the creation of flowering hormones, which makes the plants develop larger, more compact and resin-coated buds.

It is a great help to repopulate the substrate with beneficial bacteria since it contains several strains of Bacillus brevis, B. thuringiensis, B. thuringiensis can, B. megaterioum, B. coagulans, Arthobacter globiformis, Azobacter vinelandii, Paenibacillus polymixa that together add up to more than 10 billion viable bacteria per ml, the most powerful microbial colonizer available.

Mix 2 ml/l during the first 2 weeks of flowering.

Characteristics of Goddess Lada from Terra Power

  • Microbial fertilizer
  • 10 billion bacteria per ml
  • Suitable for all substrates and growing systems
  • Apply in week 1 and 2 of flowering

Properties of Goddess Lada

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