SimbioSoil Plus

SimbioSoil Plus is a soil amendment rich in microbial life and bacteria, incorporated in a composted olive pulp base, perfect to revive the most depleted soils, and making it really easy to recycle and re-use the soil from our cannabis grow. Now available at Alchimia!

The microbial and bacterial life of the soil creates an ideal environment for the roots of our plants, growing easily and quickly accessing the nutrients they need.

SimbioSoil Plus allows us to reactivate the life of the substrate, by decomposing organic residues such as dead roots, while improving the soil structure and preparing it for the next crop.

To be activated, the substrate must be watered after being enriched in SimbioSoil, which will then proceed to colonise the soil.


  • In new compost: 5 to 10g per litre, ensuring some is in contact with the roots of the plant.
  • In used compost: 10 to 15g per litre, ensuring some is in contact with the roots of the plant.
  • Mother plants: add 5g per litre of soil, top-dressing the surface every 6 months.
  • Repotting: 5 to 10g per pot
  • In open ground: 300 to 400 grams per square meter to be applied on the surface and incorporate under about 3 cm of soil

Simbiosoil Plus info:

  • 1Kg
  • Complex of bacteria and beneficial fungi
  • Ideal for reviving a used substrate
  • Increases soil biodiversity
  • Improves the activity of the root system of plants


  • Composted olive oil pulp (vegetable component) 97.6%
  • Humidity: 21%
  • pH: 7.5
  • Electroconductivity: less than 3.8dS/m
  • Carbon (C) of organic origin in dry product: 27%
  • Humic and fulvic minimum carbon (C) in dry product: 3,5%
  • Nitrogen (N) of organic origin in dry product: 1.5%
  • Ratio C/N: Less than 18
  • Sodium (Na): total in dry product, less than 0,1%
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