Oath Soil Life (formerly Kindroots Soil Balance Pro)

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Oath Soil Life (formerly Soil Balance Pro by Kindroots) is a probiotic supplement for the plants of your cannabis crop, in charge of boosting the quality of your harvest. Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop.

In nature, cannabis is in contact with a many species of bacteria with which it has co-evolved, and serve to naturally enhance its development.

These bacteria feed on decaying matter, carbon, and excrete enzymes, terpenes, acids and other chemicals called "secondary metabolites". These components are absorbed by plants and enhance their growth, and in particular their aromatic properties.

Oath Soil Life stimulates the production of terpenes and flowers

Oath has studied communication between plants and bacteria, creating Soil Life. It is a product based on 62 beneficial microbes (6.1 trillion bacteria per gram concentration), designed to enrich our plant's growing medium, with the same effect on our indoor grow tent as on our terrace.

This product works symbiotically with the plant roots, stimulating nutrient assimilation, terpenes and essential oil segregation and root development. Encourages biomass production and enhances the crop yield and its aromatic quality.

Using Oath Soil Life in our crop, we increase our yield with a greater quantity of much more aromatic and resinous buds, in a totally organic way.

Oath Soil Life info:

  • Cannabis Probiotic supplement
  • Based on 62 different microbe families
  • 6.1 trillion Bacteria per gram concentration
  • Stimulates the radicular mass (between 150% and 500% growth in 30 days)
  • Increases yields (minimum 20%)
  • Potentiates terpene density as well as their variety
  • Accelerates vegetative development
  • 100,000% increase of micro-life density in the culture substrate

Properties of Oath Soil Life (formerly Kindroots Soil Balance Pro)

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