Endomicorrizas Glomus Intraradices

Endomicorrizas Glomus Intraradices
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Mycorrhizae are important to develop healthy and favourable substrates where produce successful cultivations, being of great help to grow healthy plants and thus obtain abundant yields. Terralba proposes you to use Endomycorhize Glomus Intraradices, now available in our organic cannabis cultivation products catalogue at Alchimiaweb.

This Mycorrhizae proposed by Terralba can be used on soil or coconut substrates as well as in hydroponic growing systems. Endomycorrhizae Glomus Intraradices feeds on the sugar produced by photosynthesis, and provides many beneficial effects on plants and their growing environment.

Mycorrhizae, an essential element for a good nutrient absorption

Mycorrhizae improves nutrient absorption (P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Zn, Mn, Fe, water) which is essential for obtaining healthy and vigorous growing plants thus producing abundant yields.

Endomycorrhizae Glomus Intraradices colonises the plant root cells forming a mycelia filaments network in the soil which allows increasing roots by using more substrate volume. Mycorrhizae also have the advantage of improving nutrient absorption through enzymes secretion.

For short-cycle cultivation (2-3 months) you can provide Endomycorrhizae Glomus Intraradices every 2 or 3 weeks. For longer cycles, a monthly application would be appropriated.


Powder to dissolve in irrigation water. Mix properly. 150 spores per 1L pot – that is 25 pots per 1g.

Hydroponic dosage: 1g per 10L.

Endomycorrhizae Glomus Intraradices info:

  • 1g container
  • Composition: Powder 4000 spores (Endomycorrhizae Glomus Intraradices) per 1 g.
  • Conservation time: 20 months
  • Do not expose to frost or high temperatures> 35ºC
  • Can be used in Organic Farming CE 834/2007. AMM nº1110014

Properties of Endomicorrizas Glomus Intraradices

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