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Cannaboom's Cannibal is a nutrient-devouring bomb created in two parts to provide the plant with various functions in two products, Cannibal 1 and 2.

It is a product that acts on the plant as a growth stimulant while providing large amounts of microbial life in the soil to interact with the roots, thus increasing nutrient uptake and transmission from the roots to the plants.

Among the different microorganisms that Cannibal is composed of, Gluconacetobacter Diazotropichus must be highlighted, which is a nitrogen fixer that also provides organic molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, methionine, cysteine and sulfur .

They also have other types of microorganisms responsible for facilitating the assimilation of nutrients by the plant. In this case, the organic food becomes more quickly assimilable for the roots, feeding the plant, making it unnecessary to use large amounts of fertilizer to obtain excellent results.

Cannaboom Cannibal, a nutritional multiplier for cannabis

Drastic changes are observed in the plants, achieving thicker stems with stronger ramifications that create more vigorous branches which in turn create clusters of larger, more compact and resinous buds once into flowering.

The rapid assimilation of nutrients during the flowering stage greatly favors the production of flowers. By using Cannibal, nutrient availability increases drastically, allowing the plant to create more powerful and heavier buds while, in turn, increasing terpene and resin production.

How to use Cannibal by Cannaboom

Cannibal can be used once or twice a week depending on the need and life stage of the plant. The products should be mixed together in plain water or mixed with fertilizers, although it is recommended to use them preferably with plain water to improve their effectiveness. They can be used from the 1st week of growth to the 7th week of bloom.

Dosage of Cannibal 1 and 2 from Cannaboom (equal parts)

  • 1st week of growth: 0.1ml/l
  • 2 and 3rd weeks of growth: 0.3ml/l
  • 1 and 2nd weeks into flowering: 0.5ml/l
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7th weeks into flowering: 1ml/l

Cannaboom Cannibal 1 composition:

  • Mixture of active microorganisms – organic growth stimulator 3% P/P Dextrose 2%
  • Density: 1000ml/1050g
  • AP: 7.4
  • EC: 0.5ml/l raises 0.01 EC
  • 280ml

Cannaboom Cannibal Composition 2:

  • Mix of symbiotic bacteria
  • Organic flowering stimulators 5% P/P
  • Vegetable amino acid groups 3% P/P
  • Density: 1000ml/1070gr
  • AP: 7.4
  • EC: 0.5ml/L raises 0.2 of EC
  • 280ml

Cannaboom Cannibal Features

  • Microbial life activator
  • 100% organic
  • Nutritional multiplier
  • Stronger and more robust plants
  • Increased production
  • Suitable for any type of crop
  • Compatible with all base nutrients on the market

Properties of Cannibal

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