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Green House Feeding Enhancer

Green House Feeding Enhancer is a highly efficient root complex that contains humic and fulvic acids, seaweed extract and beneficial fungi, which provides an explosive growth of the root system . Now available in Alchimiaweb. PF Enhancer contains Tr [...]

  • 125 gr24.50€

G.H. Powder Feeding Booster additive

Alchimiaweb presents Powder Feeding Booster, a PK booster formulated to complement Green House's Powder Feeding range of nutrients. This mineral fertiliser with 0-30-27 NPK content ensures abundant harvests of flavourful buds. It is highly concentra [...]

  • 125 gr14.95€

Powder Feeding Hybrids

Powder Feeding Hybrids of Green House is a mineral fertilizer created by the renowned bank, with the mission facilitate our life the most, as it accumulates in a single product all the nutrition plan of our hybrid strains of marijuana. Thus, we'll f [...]

  • 1kg39.95€ 31.96€

Powder Feeding Grow

Powder Feeding Grow is a complete and balanced fertilizer designed for the growth phase of our plants, to make it as easy as possible its use. We just have to mix it with irrigation water in both coconut and on land and even in hydroponics marijuana [...]

  • 1kg39.95€

Powder Feeding Mostly Sativa - Long Flowering

Powder fertilizer Powder Feeding Mostly Sativa - Long Flowering, designed for the fertilization of all phases of the development of sativa plants or long-flowering hybrids. Designed to be applied dissolved in irrigation water, is easy to dose, and i [...]

  • 1kg39.95€

Powder Feeding Mostly Indica - Short Flowering

Power Feeding is the new range of mineral fertilizers in powder from Green House, designed to make the life of the grower easy, as they integrate everything your plants need in the entire crop in just one product. The Powder Feeding Mostly Indica - [...]

  • 1kg39.95€ 31.96€

Powder Feeding BioGrow

Greenhouse Seeds Powder Feeding presents BioGrow, an organic fertiliser formulated for the vegetative growth period of cannabis plants and now available online from Alchimia Grow Shop. Bio Grow is sold in fully powdered form and is used at a rate of [...]

  • 125 gr14.50€

Powder Feeding BioBloom

Alchimiaweb presents here BioBloom by Powder Feeding, a fertiliser in powder form that is mixed with the soil and greatly increases the performance of plants during the flowering stage. BioBloom is a complete mix of natural minerals - which are quic [...]

  • 125 gr16.50€

Additive Feeding Booster 500gr

Additive Feeding Booster is a PK booster formulated by Powder Feeding to provide an explosive bloom of cannabis plants. This 0-30-27 NPK supplement is sold in powder form and has high amounts of phosphorous and potassium plus many other micro nutrie [...]

  • 39.95€

Powder Feeding Chelate Calcium 500gr

Alchimia presents here a new additive for your plants from the Powder Feeding range, the Chelate Calcium, especially formulated for those growers who use water with low calcium content. Although it is normally found in tap water, calcium may be need [...]

  • 19.95€ 15.96€

Powder Feeding Mother Plants (Grow) 125gr

Green House presents here the 125gr bags of Powder Feeding Mother Plants, especially formulated for the growth stage of plants. Already available in Alchimiaweb. With its 24-6-12 NPK ratio, this soluble minerarl fertilizer makes sure that our plants [...]

  • 8.95€

Powder Feeding Mostly Indica 125gr

Alchimiaweb presents here the soluble fertilizer Powder Feeding Mostly Indica, suitable for fast flowering cannabis plants (Indica and mostly Indica hybrids). This mineral powder nutrient, manufactured by Green House, can be used either during the g [...]

  • 8.95€ 7.16€

Powder Feeding Mostly Sativa 125gr

Now available in Alchimiaweb, the Powder Feeding Mostly Sativa 125gr bags from Green House have been especially developed to improve the performance of long flowering cannabis plants (pure Sativas and mostly Sativa hybrids). This concentrated fertil [...]

  • 8.95€

Powder Feeding Hybrids 125gr

Alchimia presents here the 125gr bags of Powder Feeding Hybrids by Green House, a cannabis nutrient with 15-7-22 NPK content and suitable for the whole life cycle of plants, especially formulated for Indica - Sativa hybrids. This soluble mineral fer [...]

  • 8.95€ 7.16€

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