Powder Feeding BioBloom

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Alchimiaweb presents here BioBloom by Powder Feeding, a fertiliser in powder form that is mixed with the soil and greatly increases the performance of plants during the flowering stage.

BioBloom is a complete mix of natural minerals - which are quickly assimilated by the plants - and beneficial fungi, bacteria and organic nutrients, which are slowly released for an abundant production of flowers.

It is normally used with light soils by mixing 3g of BioBloom per litre of substrate (for plants with a flowering period of around 8 weeks). If your plants have a longer flowering period you can add 1g of Bio Bloom on the upper layer of the substrate after 3 weeks into flowering.

A white layer may be observed on the surface of the soil, which is caused by the activity of the micro organisms contained in this product. Do not remove this layer, it will disappear after a few days.

If the growth period is less than 8 weeks or the substrate is pre-fertilized, doses should be decreased.

Use half dosage for seedlings and young plants (2-3 weeks old).

Powder Feeding BioBloom info:

  • Organic nutrient in powder form
  • 4-9-9 N-P-K
  • 8 week flowering: mix 3g per litre of substrate
  • 10 week flowering: mix 2-3g per litre of substrate on the first week, then add 1g on the upper layer on the third week
  • 12 week flowering: mix 3g per litre of substrate on the first week, then add 1g on the upper layer on the fifth week
  • Slow-release fertiliser for 8 weeks

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