Guanodiff Bloom 500g
Guanodiff Bloom 500g
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Guanodiff Bloom 500g

Guanodiff Bloom flowering fertiliser has been developed by Guano Diffusion from bat guano and beet molasses vinasse, for a generous harvest of flowers heavy with resin and terpenes. Now available online in the organic fertiliser catalogue here at Alchimia!

Distributed in user-friendly powder form, Guanodiff Bloom has a 3-6-10 NPK ratio, making it ideal for encouraging the formation of flowers and fruits, giving excellent results in cannabis plants, which will form large, well-developed buds that are rich in terpenes.

Very simple to use, it's as easy as mixing 10g of Guanodiff Bloom per litre of substrate, where it will provide nutrition over 8-10 weeks, according to the volume of earth and the needs of plants. If needed, or grown in the ground, the Guanodiff Bloom can be top-dressed (added to the soil surface) until the fourth week of flowering.

Guanodiff Bloom powder fertiliser 500g:

  • Composition: bat guano, vinasse extracts of beet molasses
  • NPK 3-6-10
  • 100% Organic fertilizer
  • Effective for 8-10 weeks
  • Compatible with organic farming
  • Dosage: 10g per litre of potting soil
  • Do not combine with other PK fertilisers
  • Potassium 10%
  • Phosphorus 6%
  • Nitrogen 3%
  • Polysaccharides, carbohydrates
  • Calcium 17%
  • Magnesium 0.7%
  • Iron 0.63%
  • Manganese 0.08%
  • Bore 26mg/kg
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