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Oidioprot (EM) is a preparation of soluble powder. Oidium Prot includes in its composition extracts of selected microorganisms, protein and marine extract.

Oidioprot acts by contact on all kinds of powdery mildews:Erysphe, Sphareroteca, Podosphaera, Uncinula, Laveillula (mealy white spots normally rounded by all foliage including some flowers). To ensure rapid and effective control of powdery mildew it's important to make treatments every 10/15 days at any time of the development of the marijuana plants or other vegetables.

The product can be applied up to 15 days before harvest. It's completely biodegradable and natural, leaving no residues. Great biological tool. When it's applied by spraying wet well the entire plant.

Its recommended to apply MildíuProt in the watering just before or after the application of Botryprot or OidioProt to induce the plant to start their natural self-defense mechanisms.

Dosage: Foliar application 5 gr per litre of water

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