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Botryprot (EM) Biological Inductor , mixture of nutrients and elements for the microflora development made from extracts of selected microorganisms to fight biologically against Botrytis and Sclerotinia rot on crops of marijuana and other plants (on flowering caused by rain or high humidity , lowering of temperatures, caterpillars, ...).

Botryprot acts by contact and don't leaves any residue. It can be applied at flowering to 10 days on outdoor growing before the harvest and 15 days on indoor or greenhouse growing always soaking the flower well and making the product to penetrate into it.

It is recommended to add MildiuProt to the irrigation water just before or after the application of Botryprot or OidioProt to induce the plant to start its natural self-defense mechanisms.

Dosage: Foliar application 2-2.5 ml per Litre of water

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Properties of Botryprot

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