Guano Diffusion

Guano Diffusion

Guanodiff Bloom 1Kg

Created from bat guano and beet molasses vinasse, Guanodiff Bloom flowering fertiliser is ideal to promote the flowering of our cannabis plants, giving them all the elements they need for heavy crops of buds rich in aromas. This 100% organic fertili [...]

  • 13.90€

Guanodiff Bloom 500g

Guanodiff Bloom flowering fertiliser has been developed by Guano Diffusion from bat guano and beet molasses vinasse, for a generous harvest of flowers heavy with resin and terpenes. Now available online in the organic fertiliser catalogue here at Alc [...]

  • 8.90€

Guanodiff Classic's Powder 3 Kg

Now at Alchimiaweb, you can find Guanodiff Classic's Powder in a 3kg format, a bat guano-based amendment perfectly suited for the healthy and vigorous growth of our cannabis plants. Guano Diffusion's Classic's Powder fertiliser, with a NPK ratio of [...]

  • 25.00€

Guanodiff Classic's Powder 1 Kg

Guanodiff Classic's Powder is a bat guano fertiliser developed by Guano Diffusion and specially adapted to provide all the nutrients needed for the growth phase of our cannabis plants, now available online at Alchimia! 100% organic, this natural fer [...]

  • 9.90€

Guanodiff Classic's Powder 500g

Alchimia presents Guano Diffusion's base fertiliser Guanodiff Classic's Powder, perfectly adapted to the vegetative growth phase of our cannabis plants thanks to its NPK ratio of 3.5-8.5-0.8. Ideal for the growing season, this guano is formulated to [...]

  • 7.90€

Guanodiff GD Booster

GD Booster is a 100% organic flowering stimulator made in France by Guano Diffusion, and now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. A liquid additive used in organic farming, GD Booster is developed primarily from marine plant extracts. Therefore it's ver [...]

  • 100 ml19.90€
  • 250 ml37.50€

Guano Diffusion Alguamycor 1 Kg

Alchimia presents Guano Diffusion's root stimulator Alguamycor, a 100% organic product made from a mixture of brown seaweed meal and endomycorrhizal fungi spores. On the one hand, the seaweed supplies polysaccharides and amino acids, ensuring a prop [...]

  • 25.50€

Guano Diffusion Alguamycor

Alguamycor is a 100% organic root stimulator manufactured by Guano Diffusion and formulated from brown algae and endomycorrhizal fungi to promote a healthy and well-developed root system. Composed of brown algae, rich in polysaccharides and amino ac [...]

  • 500 gr13.90€

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