Terra Aquatica (organic range)

Terra Aquatica (organic range)


Pro Organic Complete Kit - Terra Aquatica

Alchimia presents the Pro Organic Complete Kit by Terra Aquatica, a set of organic fertilisers and all the nutrient supplements to maximise your cultivation. Other Terra Aquatica kits are also available on our website, developed to save you from acq [...]

  • 123.50€ 98.80€

Pro Organic Grow (Ghe Bio Thrive ®)

Terra Aquatica by GHE (General Hydroponics Europe) present Pro Organic Grow, a new fertiliser intended for use in 100% organic cannabis crops. Pro Organic Grow provides all the necessary nutrients to ensure a vigorous, lush vegetative growth and imp [...]

  • 1 L19.50€

Pro Organic Bloom (GHE Bio Thrive Bloom®)

Terra Aquatica by GHE present Pro Organic Bloom, a new fertiliser intended for use in 100% organic cannabis crops. Bio Thrive Bloom provides all the necessary nutrients to ensure a healthy, vigorous and abundant flowering and improve the soil-life, [...]

  • 1 L19.50€

T.A. Root Booster (Ghe Go Root Plus®)

Terra Aquatica presents Root Boster(formerly Go Root Plus® by GHE), a natural root stimulator suitable for organic farming. Contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, organic and humic acids that that will help the plant to establish a healthy and [...]

  • 1 L16.50€

T.A. Bloom Booster (Ghe Bio Bud®)

Terra Aquatica presents Bloom Booster, a powerful and naturally-formulated flowering stimulator created for organic cannabis farming. Rich in vitamins, amino acids, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, biological transport enhancers and algae extracts, Bl [...]

  • 1 L25.00€

T.A. Seaweed (Ghe Bio Weed®)

Terra Aquatica present Seaweed (GHE Bio Weed), a natural growth stimulator for use in organic farming that harnesses the beneficial properties of seaweed to boost growth, increase vitality and reduce stress in cannabis plants. Formulated from 100% c [...]

  • 1 L26.90€

T.A. Humic (Ghe Go Diamond Black®)

T.A. Humic (Black Diamond) is a new Terra Aquatica (General Organics) growth stimulator designed for organic cannabis growing. New technology enabling the extraction of humic acid from wood has led to the creation of a product rich in pure humates ( [...]

  • 1 L27.90€

General Organics Urtica

Terra Aquatica (by GHE) presents Urtimax, a foliar fertiliser and preventative insecticide based on a FPE (Fermented Plant Extract) of nettles. Made of 100% natural ingredients and designed for use in organic cannabis cultivation, it delivers excepti [...]

  • 1 L (Out of stock)20.50€

Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnesium Supplement

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Terra Aquatica Calcium Magnessium Supplement, a Ca Mg supplementation for your marijuana cultivation. This product has been designed with a super concentrated, highly bioavailable, clean and soluble formula. A formulation [...]

  • 1L14.00€

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