Pro Organic Grow (Ghe Bio Thrive ®)

Pro Organic Grow (Ghe Bio Thrive ®)
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Terra Aquatica by GHE (General Hydroponics Europe) present Pro Organic Grow, a new fertiliser intended for use in 100% organic cannabis crops.

Pro Organic Grow provides all the necessary nutrients to ensure a vigorous, lush vegetative growth and improve the soil-life, feeding beneficial symbiotic microbes and fungi.

It's natural formula stimulates leaf production and root expansion, encourages healthy growth and ensures the plant develops a good structure both outdoors and indoors.

Bio Thrive Grow is created using alfalfa flours, cane sugar, glacial rock powders, soya flour, molasses, (2% of Ascophyllum nodosum), humic acids (0.2% of a derivative of Leonardite), plant extracts, phosphate rock, magnesium sulfates, iron, copper, manganese and potassium, sodium borate, sodium molybdenum and zinc phosphate.

With a 3/1/5 NPK ratio, this liquid nutrient is dosed at 1-2ml per litre during the growth phase of the plants, replacing it with Pro Organic Bloom during the flowering stage.

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