T.A. Bloom Booster (Ghe Bio Bud®)

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Terra Aquatica presents Bloom Booster, a powerful and naturally-formulated flowering stimulator created for organic cannabis farming.

Rich in vitamins, amino acids, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, biological transport enhancers and algae extracts, Bloom Booster stimulates the formation of large, dense and abundant flowers during the blooming phase, and greatly improves the final flavour and yield of the crop.

Bloom Booster gives spectacular results, allowing the plant to naturally express its full genetic potential by increasing metabolic activity and the uptake of nutrients, ensuring an explosive flowering and a harvest of huge buds.

Bloom Booster can be used on all plants, in combination with any nutrients, in all substrates, in hydroponic systems and at any stage of the plant's life cycle. It can be applied to the root zone at 3-5ml per litre in irrigation water and to the leaves at 3ml per litre as a foliar spray during the flowering phase.

Properties of T.A. Bloom Booster (Ghe Bio Bud®)

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Opinions about T.A. Bloom Booster (Ghe Bio Bud®) and questions


Scout 22-08-2018
I'm new at this and friend recommended bio bud. I applied 5 ml per liter on Sunday and now have what looks like mold on my plants. Help!!!!

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 27-08-2018

Hi Scout, in order to help you determine the origin of the problem and find a solution you'll have to be more specific or add details about your growing session and methods (parameters, other products used, pot volume, amount of water fort each watering etc), for an example if Bio Bud was used by root watering or by foliar spray. Cordially

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