B.A.C Organic PK Booster
B.A.C Organic PK Booster
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B.A.C Organic PK Booster

BAC PK Booster is a highly concentrated organic PK booster formulated to provide a spectacular sugar formation in your flowers and greatly increase quality.

Developed to provide the additional phosphorus and potassium that cannabis plants demand during the flowering period, as well as having a very positive effect on the flavours and aromas of the buds.

Designed specifically for cannabis cultivation, BAK PK Booster is tuned to your plant's needs and maintains equilibrium in the soil, working in perfect harmony with soil micro-organisms. It also contains a natural soaking agent in the form of Yuccah, which contributes to the proper soil penetration of BAC PK Booster and helps with water management in soil and coco

It is not advisable to use BAC Organic PK Booster in drip irrigation systems due to risk of line blockage.


Mix of sugar molasses, alfalfa feed, Kali Vinasse, organic diluent, stone meal and a balanced amount of trace elements.


10 to 30ml per 10l of water

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