B.A.C. Fertilisers

B.A.C. Fertilisers

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BAC Sugar Candy Syrup

Sugar Candy Syrup from BAC is a powerful flowering biostimulator and stress reliever for cannabis cultivation, it increases flower and resin yields, also improving aromas and flavours. Now available in Alchimia. Sugar Candy Syrup by BAC, larger and [...]

  • 500 ml32.10€

BAC Yuccah

BAC nutrients brand presents this Yucca extract, a product that helps plants to better absorb water and nutrients to improve drought resistance and thus obtain healthier plants. It is a proposal to add this product to your plant's nutrition programme [...]

  • 250 ml19.50€
  • 500 ml36.80€

BAC Pro Active

B.A.C Pro Active is a product that contains amino acids from plants, vitamins and proteins, it is ideal to keep the plants' metabolism active and in perfect condition. Amino acids help the plant to be able to metabolize nutrients more efficiently, i [...]

  • 120ml34.82€

BAC Root Stimulator

BAC Root Stimulator is formulated from plant extracts and is used to promote the development and activity of the root system of plants. These cocktail of microorganisms will quickly enhance the vitality and growth of the roots, breaking down organic [...]

  • 120 ml42.83€
  • 300ml71.67€

B.A.C. Plant Vitality Plus 250ml

Plant Vitality Plus is a biochemical and completely organic product developed by B.A.C. to combat red spider mites and other causes of stress, either during growth or bloom. Spider mites are difficult to eradicate, especially during the flowering pe [...]

  • 30.46€

B.A.C. Organic Starter Kit

Discover the B.A.C. organic fertiliser range with this Organic Starter Kit available at Alchimiaweb. Harvest abundant and tasty crops with this organic nutrient kit that includes all the elements needed to cultivate, from growth to flowering in the [...]

  • 84.81€

B.A.C Fast Food 1.5 L

BAC 1.5 L Fast Food is a fertiliser specifically designed and developed for use with auto-flowering marijuana plants, based on a single fertiliser for the two stages both for growth as for flowering. This fertiliser, in its composition, combines ever [...]

  • 42.04€

B.A.C Auto Stimulant 120ml

Auto BAC Stimulant 120ml is a stimulant of organic origin made of high performance plant extracts, which has been developed with the intention to get great and incredible results with Auto-flowering marijuana plants Using BAC Auto Stimulant 120ml w [...]

  • 32.42€

B.A.C Xseeds

B.A.C. Xseeds is a treatment for seed germination, a enhancer of the root system and of the early seedling growth phase. Using B.A.C. Xseeds you make sure that the seeds get a greater resistance to pathogens and root diseases, that means that it inc [...]

  • 10 ml8.67€
  • 100ml65.75€

B.A.C Organic Bloom

BAC Organic Bloom has been specially developed to supply all the nutritional needs of your cannabis plants during the flowering stage. BAC Organic Bloom uses high-end nutrients in it''s formulation, available here in a form easily absorbed by plants [...]

  • 1 L16.76€
  • 5 L 60.94€

BAC Organic Grow

Now available in Alchimiaweb, BAC Organic Grow is a liquid fertilizer for the growth stage completely made of quality organic ingredients which can be easily assimilated by the plant. It is particularly rich in nitrogen, calcium and magnesium, essent [...]

  • 1L15.80€
  • 5 L 59.15€

B.A.C Organic PK Booster

BAC PK Booster is a highly concentrated organic PK booster formulated to provide a spectacular sugar formation in your flowers and greatly increase quality. Developed to provide the additional phosphorus and potassium that cannabis plants demand dur [...]

  • 0'50 L27.16€
  • 1L46.64€
  • 5 L 150.39€ 127.80€

B.A.C Ph Down

Alchimia presents BAC pH Down, a product for adjusting the pH level in the nutritive solution in order to obtain the best results from our marijuana cultivation. This pH reducer is formulated using nitric acid to provide additional nitrogen to the p [...]

  • 1L12.00€

B.A.C. Organic Bloom Stimulator

BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator is regarded as one of the best flowering boosters on the market, it's 100% natural formulation delivers healthy and rapid flowering in cannabis plants by helping to promote the proper development of beneficial microorgani [...]

  • 120ml44.67€
  • 300ml80.80€

BAC Final Solution

B.A.C. Final Solution is a product developed for use in your cannabis cultivation's final stage, promoting a fast fermentation of the waste around the roots/capillaries. This product stimulates certain groups of microorganisms that produce enzymes. [...]

  • 120 ml43.35€
  • 300 ml98.65€

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