B.A.C. Organic Starter Kit

B.A.C. Organic Starter Kit
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Discover the B.A.C. organic fertiliser range with this Organic Starter Kit available at Alchimiaweb.

Harvest abundant and tasty crops with this organic nutrient kit that includes all the elements needed to cultivate, from growth to flowering in the best possible conditions.

This kit includes Organic Grow and Organic Bloom, the two base nutrients for use in growth and flowering. Both will provide the necessary nutrients for the plants to grow healthily. You can use the X-Seeds for germination.

During flowering, Bloom Stimulator and Organic PK Booster will help attain heavier harvests of tastier flowers.

To stimulate and protect the root system we have Root Stimulator, a potent cocktail of microorganisms created from plant extracts that will allow plants to better assimilate nutrients.

Lastly, Final Solution guarantees the fast decomposition of waste in the root zone, thanks to the stimulation of certain groups of micro-organisms. For cleaner and purer flavours.

BAC does not recommend the use of enzymes with this range of nutrients.

The Organic BAC Starter Kit includes:

  • 250ml Organic Grow
  • 250ml Organic Bloom
  • 250ml Organic PK Booster
  • 30ml Root Stimulator
  • 30ml Bloom Stimulator
  • 30ml Final Solution

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Opinions about B.A.C. Organic Starter Kit and questions


Daividas 24-06-2019
Do you add feeding schedule with this kit?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 25-06-2019

Hi Daividas,

I'm sorry I haven't been able to download an english schedule.

Organic Grow: 1,5-2ml/L during growth

Organic Bloom: 2,5ml/L during bloom

Organic PK Booster: 1ml/L (weeks 3, 4). 1,5ml/L (week 5). 2ml/L (week 6). 3ml/L (weeks 7 and 8). 2ml/L week 9.

Root Stimulator: 0,2ml/L during growth

Bloom Stimulator: 0,2ml/L during bloom

Final Solution: 0,6ml/l on week 1 of both growth and bloom. 0,2ml/L on weeks 3, 5 and 7. 0,6ml/L week 9.

Hope this helps!


Daividas 08-06-2019
Hello. Do you ship this kit to Lithuania?

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 10-06-2019

Hi daividas,

Sure, no problem at all!


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