B.A.C. Organic Bloom Stimulator

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BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator is regarded as one of the best flowering boosters on the market, it's 100% natural formulation delivers healthy and rapid flowering in cannabis plants by helping to promote the proper development of beneficial microorganisms in the root zone. Available now in the Alchimiaweb online grow shop

The increased presence of microorganisms resulting from the use of BAC Bloom Stimulator permits better absorption and easier transport of nutrients, in particular Potassium. This encourages plants to produce flowers faster and stay healthier.

In addition to improving oxygen uptake and increasing and stabilising pH, BAC Bloom Stimulator also provides protection from pests and diseases and a boost to the plant's immune system, with beneficial microorganisms working to protect the substrate against many root-borne diseases such as fusarium..

Organic Bloom Stimulator can be used without problems in drip or hydroponic systems, where the enzymatic action of the microorganisms works to keep droppers and lines clean and free from blockage.

BAC Bloom Stimulator is highly concentrated, with only 1-2ml per 10l of water being sufficient to apply at every watering throughout the flowering period.

IMPORTANT: Do not use any other enzyme-based products during flowering, as this may lead to severe pH imbalances in the root zone, and detrimentally affect production.

BAC Organic Bloom Stimulator info:

  • Dosage: 1-2ml in 10l water
  • Use throughout bloom until flushing
  • Store in a cool place (15ºC to 20ºC)
  • Shake well before use
  • 1st Spannabis'23 Award for Best Nutrient

Properties of B.A.C. Organic Bloom Stimulator

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