B.A.C. Sugar Candy Syrup

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Sugar Candy Syrup from B.A.C. is a powerful flowering biostimulator and stress reliever for cannabis cultivation, it increases flower and resin yields, also improving aromas and flavours. Now available in Alchimia.

Sugar Candy Syrup by BAC, larger and more resinous buds

Sugar Candy Syrup is a powerful stimulator composed of sugars that are very easy to assimilate by cannabis plants, it provides trace elements due to the high content of carbohydrates necessary to increase the size of the buds and also their compaction, increasing the amount of resin considerably.

B.A.C Sugar Candy Syrup, buds with more flavor

Sugar Candy Syrup also enriches the substrate to ensure an exuberant development of the cannabis crop, provides a large number of amino acids to form the necessary proteins, creating a perfect symbiosis with the development of beneficial microbial life (fungi and bacteria) in all types of crops, professional or amateur.With Sugar Candy Syrup, flower yield, compaction and the amount of resin are increased, but the quality of the final product also improves in aromas and flavours.

Sugar Candy Syrup, biostimulator for cannabis cultivation

Sugar Candy Syrup can be used on all types of substrates and is very suitable in periods of stress at a dose of 5ml/L foliarly or irrigated (1ml/L). Once flowering has begun, it also acts as a powerful flowering stimulator, using it as a complement to the rest of the flowering fertilisers at each irrigation. It is important to shake the product before use, it can be stored up to 48 hours after being dissolved in water.

BAC Sugar Candy Syrup info:

  • 500ml container
  • Anti-stress foliar dose (sprayed) 5 ml/L
  • Dose in irrigation 1 ml/L
  • Increases the weight of the harvest and the amount of resin
  • Enhance aromas and flavors
  • For all types of substrates
  • Suitable for combining with other fertilizers

Properties of B.A.C. Sugar Candy Syrup

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