B.A.C. Organic Fertilisers Kit

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We present the B.A.C. Organic Fertilisers Kit conceived by Alchimiaweb, an excellent quality/price option offering great products. It provides all the necessary elements to obtain a great harvest only with high quality organic fertilisers.

This set is composed of two B.A.C. base fertilisers (growth and flowering), plus the necessary supplements to create a perfect symbiosis during the cultivation.

For the growth stage, B.A.C. Organic Grow 1L, formulated with a particularly high level of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium, essential elements to ensure rapid and explosive growth of cannabis plants.

For the flowering stage, the B.A.C. Organic Bloom activates the micro-organisms in the substrate, ensuring that all nutritional elements are available to the plants. This results in lush flowering and high resistance to diseases and pests.

The base nutrients in the B.A.C. Organic Fertilisers Kit are also accompanied by other supplements:

  • B.A.C. Root Stimulator 120ml: Root stimulator based on acocktail of micro-organisms that break down organic fertilisers more quickly. This allows the plant to feed faster, and the greater assimilation of nutrients results in a significant increase in vigour during growth and a greater production of buds during flowering.
  • B.A.C. Organik PK Booster 500ml: It is formulated to supply the extra requirements of phosphorus and potassium that cannabis plants may need in the mid-flowering stage. It also offers a great positive impact on flavours and aromas.
  • B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator 120ml: Formulated with micro-organisms that support better absorption and facilitate the transport of nutrients, particularly potassium. This helps cannabis plants produce the buds faster.
  • B.A.C. Sugar Candy Syrup 500ml: A powerful stimulator composed of sugars very easily assimilated by cannabis plants. It provides trace elements thanks to its high carbohydrate content, necessary to increase the buds' size and compactness. It also increases resin production considerably.
  • B.A.C. Final Solution 120ml: This product is used during the final cultivation stage, with a fast fermentation of the waste around the roots/capillaries. It stimulates certain groups of enzyme-producing micro-organisms, promoting a cleaner and tastier harvest.

B.A.C. Organic Fertilisers Kit:

  • B.A.C. PK Organik Booster: 500ml
  • B.A.C. Organik Bloom: 1L
  • B.A.C. Organic Grow: 1L
  • B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator: 120ml
  • B.A.C. Root Stimulator: 120ml
  • B.A.C. Final Solution: 120ml
  • B.A.C. Sugar Candy Syrup: 500ml

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