B.A.C. Final Solution

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B.A.C. Final Solution is a product developed for use in your cannabis cultivation's final stage, promoting a fast fermentation of the waste around the roots/capillaries. This product stimulates certain groups of microorganisms that produce enzymes.

Alchimia incorporates Final Solution by BAC in its catalogue of nutrients for cannabis cultivation. A product designed to obtain cleaner and tastier harvests from our plants. Undoubtedly is an ideal product to add to our list of nutrients for cannabis cultivation.

B.A.C. Final Solution, the solution for clean roots

BAC Final Solution is an additive mainly used during the last stages of cannabis cultivation, particularly in the root-flushing phase, i.e. during the last weeks of the plant's cycle. This product can be applied in combination with both organic and mineral fertilisers.

It is formulated based on microorganisms that generate enzymes that act directly on the dead roots and decompose them. Final Solution helps to clean completely the root system of any residues present in the substrate. This product does not contain any animal substances, but only elements of plant origin.

Final Solution can be applied during the first week of flowering when using organic fertilisers. This makes it easier for the plant to absorb nutrients, resulting in more vigorous specimens and more bountiful harvests.

B.A.C. Final Solution info:

  • Promotes fast residue fermentation
  • Boosts micro-organisms
  • Applied during the last cultivation stage
  • Final Solution makes it possible to stop applying enzymes
  • Keep the product at a cool temperature
  • Can be used in combination with organic and mineral fertilisers
  • Dosage: 2-6ml per 5L of water

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