Tribac Organic by B.A.C.

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Alchimia presents the Tribac Kit by the famous and reputable fertiliser company BAC. This set contains three products, Grow, Bloom and PK, everything you need for an optimal cultivation. BAC has specially developed this set of fertilisers to ensure that there is no shortage of nutrients during cultivation, whether indoors or outdoors.

Tribac Organic by BAC, everything you need for growth and flowering

BAC Tribac Organic consists Organic Grow 250ml, Organic Bloom 500ml and Organic PK 250ml. They develop a perfect synergy for a good growth of cannabis plants.

Organic Grow: This product is specially formulated for a vigorous growth, ensuring an explosive vegetative stage. It helps to develop an abundant ramification and leaves. It should be applied until the formation of the first flowers, at which point we start using Organic Bloom.

Organic PK Booster: A fertiliser designed to provide extra sugars in the buds’ development, providing extra flavour, aroma, and general quality without affecting the internal plants balance. In addition, as a highly concentrated product, makes it much more profitable.

Organic Bloom: This product enhances the activation of micro-organisms to ensure that all nutritional elements are immediately available to the cannabis plants. This results in lush flower blooms, with a high resistance to diseases and pests.

BAC Tribac Organic - ingredients and dosage:

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