T.A. NovaMax Bloom (formerly GHE's Floranova® Bloom)

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Terra Aquatica present Novamax Bloom(formerly GHE's Floranova® Bloom), a high performance fertiliser created from the synthesis of hydroponic and organic growing methods and designed for use during the flowering and fruiting stages of the cycle.

NovaMax Bloom is a super-concentrated liquid fertiliser suitable for all types of cultivation: hydroponics, aeroponics, coco, soil. It's pH-balanced formula is adapted to all kinds of water, both hard and soft.

NovaMax Bloom's unique one-part composition combines highly purified minerals and natural additives, offering a complete fertiliser for flowering cannabis plants, providing all nutrients and microelements for healthy growth and spectacular harvests.

NovaMax is very easy to dose and apply, Terra Aquatica recommend following the feeding schedule according to your growing system - aero, hydro or soil.

Due to its high concentration the contents may settle, so shake well before using.

Terra Aquatica NovaMax Bloom info:

  • 4% nitrogen
  • 8% phosphate
  • 7% potassium
  • 5.5% calcium
  • 3.31% magnesium
  • 5% sulfur
  • Iron (DTPA chelate) 0.1%
  • NPK: 4-8-7

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Opinions about T.A. NovaMax Bloom (formerly GHE's Floranova® Bloom) and questions


Greg 24-08-2019 How do you test the pH when floranova Bloom is already so dark


Alchimia Grow Shop 27-08-2019 Hi Greg, in this case, I think you're going to need a pH meter rather than a liquid drop test, as you rightly point out it's going to be hard to gauge the pH by colour when the nutrient solution is so dark. The Milwaukee pH tester we offer is very reliable, effective and affordable too! Hope that helps, all the best and happy growing!


Colin 30-03-2019 can i use big bud with floranova bloom


Alchimia Grow Shop 01-04-2019

Hi Colin,

Sure, there's no problem. Some people reduce a bit the amount of base nutrient (Floranova Bloom) when they start adding some PK booster like Big Bud.



The BentWan 19-11-2018 Mandala Seeds are correct, this product is excellent !! HIGHLY recommended !! No need to use very often, it works very well with soil grown plants, even half strength once a week is enough if you have a good soil mix to begin with. Due to its` high concentration, you only need a little dose in your watering can, therefore it lasts a long time, making it quite economical !! Peace and Love to all and Happy Growing ! :D


Alchimia Grow Shop 19-11-2018

Hi The BentWan,

Another very good nutrient indeed! ;)



nut n fancy growers n.l 01-11-2018 im using flora nova and yesterday i mixed and done a ph test and it was @ 4.6ph after i mixed 800ppm in my water that was 6.4 ph to start ?? is my flora nova no good? could it be too old. i bought it 6 months ago. thanks for any info i appriciate any feed bck b4 my medicine dies or burns up due to this product.


Alchimia Grow Shop 02-11-2018


While it is normal that many nutrients lower the pH value once added to the nutrient solution, that is a considerable reduction of the pH value. I've already asked GHE about it, will let you know as soon as they reply (I've used nutrients that I've had for years with no problems).

On the other hand, I'd definitely start using any type of pH+ product to raise the pH value of the nutrient solution.

Hope we'll soon have news from GHE!


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