Panda Aero

Panda Aero + Hydro is a very easy to use hydroponic and aeroponic growing system, effective and elegant. It is slightly smaller than the renowned Dutch Pot unit, and allows the user to grow from 8 to 40 cannabis plants, depending on the desired fina [...]

  • 1 m2 (Product sold out)348.00€

Replacement Tray X-Stream

This spare tray X-Stream propagator is designed for growers needing a replacement tray for their system. It is now available in our online grow shop here at Alchimiaweb. You can replace the original tray with this Nutriculture 40 hole tray in case o [...]

  • 9.90€

GHE Rainforest - 72 pots - 60 L - 67 x 67 x 31 cm

Rainforest from General Hydroponics is a very effective hydroponics system for germination and seed propagation, as well as rooting cuttings or clones. Rainforest 72 pots 60 L is designed to maximize the amount of oxygen needed by the roots during t [...]

  • 325.00€

GHE CuttingBoard - 27 pots - 13L - 66 x 30 x 14 cm

CuttingBoard from General Hydroponics is a hydroponics system that allows young plants to obtain a vigorous and perfect root structure. It is suitable for beginners as it is easy to use. It is made of recycled plastic, with a capacity of 27 plants. [...]

  • 91.00€

NUTRICULTURE Propergator - 15 L - 20 units

Nutriculture PROPERGATOR 20 plants is an aeroponic growing system for seed germination or root cuttings. Dimensions: 590 x 490 x 300 mm. Tank capacity: 15 litres. With a capacity of 20 alveoli, the pots are suspended and the seedlings are washed [...]

  • 110.00€

Nutriculture PROPERGATOR - 15 L - 12 units

Great system for producing cuttings or seed germination. The potted seedlings are suspended and bathed by an oscillating sprinkler. A network of healthy roots will grow rapidly, and in a few days your plants will be ready to transplant for flowering. [...]

  • (Product sold out)75.00€

Nutriculture X-Stream Propagator - 120 plants

Now you can get in Alchimia the aeroponic propagator Nutriculture X-Stream 120 plants, designed to create an extremely oxygen-rich environment, because it generates a constant humidity by creating a myst at the bottom of the cuttings. This propagato [...]

  • 225.00€

Aeroflo plant pot

Aeroflo pot. Pot 7.62 cm in diameter for hydroponic cloning and aeroponic flowering for AeroFlo systems. [...]

  • 0.50€

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