Terra Aquatica GrowStream 2.0 (formerly GHE AeroFlo)

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GrowStream by T.A. is an innovative aeroponic system that combines the efficiency of the acclaimed GHE Aeroflo with improvements designed to provide a simpler, high-quality experience for users!

This system has been perfected with features such as a removable cover and rounded corners for easy cleaning, double walled channel and cover for superior insulation, and a watering line located inside the chamber to prevent water leakage.

GrowStream 2.0, the evolved GHE Aeroflo aeroponic system

GrowStream is based on the proven and efficient Aeroflo technology, which makes it one of the most effective aeroponic systems on the market. However, it has been enhanced with details that make it even more practical and versatile for everyday use, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

The size has been slightly increased compared to the AeroFlo to provide more volume for root development and more water capacity, making it an ideal choice for cannabis cultivation. Although it is also suitable for cultivating smaller plants, GrowStream stands out as the only system on the market designed specifically for cannabis cultivation, not limited to lettuce and aromatic plants.

T.A. GrowStream Aeroponic System, versatile and effective

GrowStream systems can accommodate from 10 to 120 plants per unit and offer a wide variety of models to suit every need. With optimal distribution of oxygen-rich water throughout the unit, the GrowStream takes advantage of the benefits of "Aeroponics" without facing the drawbacks associated with water heating and extreme sensitivity to pH fluctuations.

GrowStream's simple and effective operation, with a water pump in the tank, lifts the water into the cultivation trough, where it is pumped at strategic intervals. The nutrient solution then returns to the nutrient tank, oxygenating it to perfection. With no complicated controllers or multiple air pumps, GrowStream systems are incredibly easy to install and operate, allowing growers to focus on the care of the plants rather than the system's maintenance.

T.A. GrowStream instructions for use:

Just follow the instructions included in the user manual to set up your new GrowStream. Start growing your cuttings or seedlings in a hydroponic propagator such as the Hydroclonner Spinner, before transferring them to the GrowStream. Add the nutrient solution from the T.A. Hydroponics range and the clay pebbles and wait for them to grow!

Terra Aquatica GrowStream 2.0 technical info:

Model Number of pots Size (cm) Capacity (l)
GS 10 10 113 x 16 x 53 +/- 45
GS 20 20 111 x 97 x 58 +/- 70
GS 40 40 211 x 97 x 58 +/- 200
GS 60 60 311 x 97 x 58 +/- 200
GS 80 80 411 x 97 x 58 +/- 200

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