Flowers and aromatic plants seeds

Flowers and aromatic plants seeds

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Rocalba - Chives Praga

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Chives Prague organic seeds, an aromatic plant perfect for growing in a pot, on a growing table or in the orchard. Rocalba Chives Prague organic seeds, an aromatic plant with character Chives (Allium Schopenopras [...]

  • 0.5g1.80€

Rocalba Organic Genovese basil presents Rocalba Organic Genovese basil Seeds, an aromatic plant that will scent your garden or balcony, whether cultivated in pots or planters. Rocalba organic Genovese basil, super aromatic strain Basil (Ocimum basiliscum) is an a [...]

  • 5g1.80€

Rocalba Borage

Alchimiaweb is glad to present Rocalba Borage (Borago Officinalis), organic seeds, a beautiful aromatic plant with blue flowers suitable for both orchard and pot cultivation. Rocalba Borage: decorative, edible and beneficial Borago Officinalis come [...]

  • 4 g1.80€

Batlle Cobea Scandens

seeds by Batlle, a decorative climbing ivy variety with purple flowers. A plant that is adapted to both open ground and pot cultivation. Batlle Cobea Scandens seeds, tropical climbing plant with purple flowers It belongs to the climbing plant famil [...]

  • 1g1.50€
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Rocalba Organic Oregano

Alchimia presents Oregano seeds by Rocalba, a company specialised in vegetable seeds, bulbs and live plants. Oregano is one of the most widely used plants in Mediterranean cuisine, now available for your garden in the form of organic seeds. Organic [...]

  • 0.2g1.80€

Rocalba Organic Lavender

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Lavender Seeds. This Mediterranean plant is highly appreciated for its richness in terpenes that provide an intense and complex aroma. Rocalba organic lavender cultivation Lavender is a plant which appreciates well [...]

  • 0.2gr1.80€
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Coriander Rocalba Bio

Rocalba presents here its organic coriander seeds, an annual aromatic plant highly appreciated for its spicy flavour. These seeds are now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. Coriander, an easy to cultivate annual plant Coriander seeds are sown from Ma [...]

  • 10 gr1.80€

Rocalba Thyme Organic Seeds

Alchimia presents Rocalba Thyme organic seeds, very aromatic and beneficial plants to include in all gardens. Rocalba Thyme organic seeds Thyme is an evergreen plant, always ready to offer its leaves when we need them. Rocalba thyme is a very arom [...]

  • 0,2 g1.80€
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Veronica - Batlle

Veronica by Batlle is a garden plant/shrub also called Hebe Speciosa. It is native to Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, the southern part of the American continent and the Falkland Islands. It is a plant that likes heat but can also withstand cold cli [...]

  • 1.50€
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Giant Zinnia Dahlia Flower - Batlle

Zinnia Giant Flower Dahlia is a plant that produces large and beautiful flowers of various colours. It is ideal for gardeners who are looking for a beautiful and colourful garden displaying large and slender flowers. For cultivation, it is initially [...]

  • 5g1.50€

Lavender - Naturnoa

Lavender Angustifolia is a perennial plant with a 70-90cm height. It is a plant that delivers an impressive fragrance. This variety is believed to be the best lavender for therapeutic and aromatherapy uses. We present these lavender organic seeds w [...]

  • 0,4g / 500s aprox. (Product sold out)2.00€

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