Flowers and aromatic plants seeds

In this section we present a plant seeds selection that will activate your visual and olfactory senses.

Ornamental plants, flowers and aromatic plants that complement our garden or growing space. Some plants are allopathic and help other crops in the nutrient generation, other plants help keeping away insects that can cause pests in our cannabis cultivation or our garden, and other plants are simply beautiful or have a great aroma.

We offer here aromatic or complementary plants in our kitchen such as thyme, rosemary, or lavender. We also present seeds of plants that are simply ornamentals, mostly flowers, but also plants without flowers (not their main feature) that can beautify our garden.

Open your senses with the colours and fragrances that all these plants offer you!

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Rocalba Summer Purslane

1.50€ 1.80€

Rocalba Camomile

1.50€ 1.80€

Rocalba Lovage

1.50€ 1.80€

Rocalba Hyssop

1.50€ 1.80€

Rocalba Fennel

1.50€ 1.80€

Rocalba Mint

1.50€ 1.80€

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Organic Poppy - Les Refardes

Papaver somniferum The Poppy is a plant cultivated for ornamental purposes and for its edible seeds, which are often used in confectionery. [...]

  • ± 160 seeds 3.75€

Rocalba Organic Giant of Italy Parsley

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Organic Giant of Italy Parsley Seeds, an herbaceous plant that can be cultivated perfectly both in the vegetable garden and in 3-5L [...]

  • 6g 1.80€ 1.50€

Coriander Rocalba Bio

Rocalba presents here its organic coriander seeds, an annual aromatic plant highly appreciated for its spicy flavour. These seeds are now available at Alchimia Gro [...]

  • 10 gr 1.80€

Rocalba Dark Opal Basil

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Dark Opal Basil Seeds, a very aromatic variety with an intense pink colour. A perfect plant to cultivate in a [...]

  • 4g (Out of stock) 1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Large Green Basil

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Large Green Basil Seeds, an aromatic plant with an exotic very intense aroma and a stimulating effect [...]

  • 4g 1.80€ 1.50€

Rocalba Organic Lavender

Alchimia presents Rocalba Organic Lavender Seeds. This Mediterranean plant is highly appreciated for its richness in terpenes that provide an intense and complex a [...]

  • 0.2gr 1.80€

Rocalba Peppermint Seeds Disc

Alchimia presents Rocalba Peppermint seeds disc, an easy way to cultivate this flavourful, vigorous and resistant aromatic plant. Peppermint seeds disc, f [...]

  • 3 discs (132 seeds approx) 1.80€

Rocalba Lemon Basil

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Lemon Basil Seeds, a variety with a fresh and citric aroma suitable for cultivation in open ground in our vege [...]

  • 2g (Out of stock) 1.80€ 1.50€


Coriander is an aromatic plant widely used in gastronomy to elaborate an infinite number of dishes. It is used both dried and fresh. This aromatic [...]

  • 15g 1.50€

Rocalba Apple Mint

Alchimia presents Rocalba Apple Mint Seeds, a very easy to cultivate plant perfect for all gardens. Rocalba Apple Mint, an all-rounder with a strong aroma Mint is [...]

  • 0,5g 1.80€ 1.50€

Organic Garden Cosmos - Les Refardes

Cosmos binnipatus The Garden Cosmos is a beautiful flower with a delicate appearance. Its firm stem makes it resistant to wind and other inclement weather. An [...]

  • 60 seeds 3.75€

Rocalba Cinnamon Basil

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Cinnamon Basil Seeds, an aromatic plant with a sweet cinnamon aroma. A variety that we can cultivate both in a [...]

  • 2g (Out of stock) 1.80€ 1.50€

Batlle Tarragon

Artemisia dracunculus Tarragon is an annual plant that grows up to 70 cm. It offers an intense aniseed aroma and it is used as a seasoning [...]

  • 0,7 g 1.50€

Rocalba Sanguisorba

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Sanguisorba seeds, a plant that can be cultivated both in pots and in [...]

  • 3g 1.80€ 1.50€

Batlle Organic Peppermint

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Batlle Organic Peppermint Seeds, an aromatic plant ideal for infusions. It is easy to cultivate both in the ga [...]

  • 0.05g 1.60€

Batlle Organic Thyme

Thymus vulgaris Thyme is an aromatic shrub about 20-40 cm high, it is a very versatile plant in terms of applications. It is used as a [...]

  • 0,18 g 1.60€

Rocalba Mint

Alchimia presents Rocalba Mint Seeds, a vigorous plant that produces a very powerful aroma easily identifiable. Rocalba mint seeds: vigorous, tall and very aromatic [...]

  • 0,2 g 1.80€ 1.50€

Organic Echinacea - Les Refardes

Echinacea angustifolia Echinacea is a plant with beautiful daisy-like flowers. In addition to its ornamental function, Echinacea is known to have medicinal [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Rocalba Liquorice

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Liquorice seeds, an aromatic plant with an intense flavour that can be grown in the garden or in large [...]

  • 0.2g (Out of stock) 1.80€ 1.50€

Batlle Stevia

Stevia rebaudiana Stevia is a shrubby plant about 80cm high. Its leaves are used as a natural sweetener. It is very suitable as a sugar substitute [...]

  • 35 seeds 2.50€

Batlle Pennyroyal Mint

Mentha Pulegium Pennyroyal Mint is an herbaceous plant easy to cultivate and a large yielder. Its aromatic leaves are used to make infusions that help to al [...]

  • 0,2 g 1.50€

Common Oregano

Origanum vulgare Common Oregano is well-known for its use as a cooking seasoning in pasta dishes, pizzas and sauces. It is a perennial plant. It g [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.50€

Rocalba Chive Praga Seeds Disc

Alchimia Grow Shop presents here Rocalba Chive Praga Seeds Discs, a very simp [...]

  • 3 discs (132 seeds approx) 1.80€ 1.50€

Batlle - Common Passion Flower

Passiflora Caerulea Bluecrown Passionflower also called Common Passion Flower is a beautiful climbing plant, excellent for coveri [...]

  • 0,6 g 1.50€

Strawflower - Batlle

Helichrysum bracteatum Golden everlasting aka Strawflower is a striking flower with bright colours and a feel that resembles paper. Very suitable [...]

  • 3 g 1.50€

Common Parsley Eco - Batlle

Batlle's organic common parsley seeds are now available at Alchimia Grow Shop in the form of sealed bags with 5g of seeds. Common parsley, a star seasoning in the kitchen [...]

  • 5g 1.60€

Rocalba Dill

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Dill Seeds, a vigorous and easily grown aromatic plant. It is suitable for a vegetable garden and for jardinie [...]

  • 10g 1.80€

Clary Sage - Les Refardes

Salvia sclarea L Clary Sage is a biennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It can reach 1m in size. It produces rough leaves [...]

  • ± 300 seeds 3.75€

Snow Basket Alyssum

Alyssum maritimum Snow Basket Alyssum is an annual plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family, an easy-to-grow perennial that grows up to 10-30cm. [...]

  • 25g 1.50€


Alchimia Grow Shop is glad to present Carmagnola, a hemp seeds classic produced by Kokopelli Association. This [...]

  • 50 seeds 3.40€

Batlle - Scarlet Sage

Salvia splendens Scarlet Sage is an herbaceous plant used in the composition of rockeries and flowerbeds. It is also very suitabl [...]

  • 0,8 g 1.50€
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