Garden Store

Garden Store

Here at Alchimia we love nature and growing plants in general, that is why our website has a section dedicated to the world of vegetable and garden seeds cultivation.

The many benefits of growing a vegetable garden are the pleasure of consuming our own vegetables and fruits, having a mint tea or an herbal camomile infusion using aromatic plants grown in our urban garden.

Pleasures as attractive and interesting as growing ornamental flowers, which besides beautifying our terraces and balconies helps to create a micro-environment highly beneficial for growing vegetables, as they attract pollinating insects and discourage certain insect species harmful to the crops.

We can offer you a range of products (seeds, fertilisers, pots, etc.) for you to create a vegetable patch or garden to suit your needs and possibilities. At Alchimia we love to promote different plant species, certainly we are committed to polyculture!

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